Just an update because we lost our beautiful Jessie on Monday.

D'Argo our lovely conti giant buck has now his girlfriend and his mum in about four months :-( He is unhappy as you would expectand is now pulling up the carpet and butting people.

Think we do need to get him another friend. As the lady buns died of different unrelated things, I know its nothing to do with the environment or D'Argo - he is in good health and not a bully or anything.

How long should we leave it? What can I do to cheer him up? Just as a recap, he has a big hutch and a pen but the pen door is open and I work from home every day so I have the back door open and he can binky in and out as he likes and gets lots of attention. Marge the guinea pig is out in the pen out the back and they are fine with each other and eat hay side by side. He throws the kids toys around but doesn't really play with any outside.