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I would write a letter to the store manager and head office. They need to make sure this kind of nonsense advice isn't given out.
I took the gentleman's name and have emailed customer services to see what they say about it all, I am currently awaiting a reply. When I went back in again and spoke to a different staff member I spoke to her about what had been said before and she said that was incorrect advice and that she would relay to her manager that bad advice RE: bunny bonding had been given out. I thanked her and told her that Stephen and I may make a visit to go and see her this week.

I understand what you are saying Sky-O which is why I have asked Honeybunnies to get back to me regarding a homecheck and potentially adopting from a rescue centre rather than P@H. If it didn't work out and they weren't friends, my outdoor hutch came from my Dad and family, who have said they would happily take the little bun and she would live outdoors (in possibly the hugest back garden I have ever seen), they are used to having rabbits and they would try and bond her with another rabbit and I would have to continue my wife searching. However, one rabbit would have turned into four in the space of about 6 months! I don't think any of us really mind though.