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Thread: 'Name the bunny' fundraiser for Pledge a Pound! U/D Winners announced

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    Default 'Name the bunny' fundraiser for Pledge a Pound! U/D Winners announced

    Hi and welcome to the latest fundraiser for Pledge a Pound, name the bunny!

    This is bigbunny. He lives with me, but has never been named!

    PayPal don’t allow ‘gambling’ style fundraisers anymore, so your £2 buys one willow stick to be sent to a rescue chosen out of a hat at the end of the fundraiser. In return for your stick donation, you may choose any name you like for bigbunny (or I can choose for you if you wish!). All the names will be put into a hat at the end of the fundraiser, and whichever one is chosen will win the prize!

    £2 for one willow stick and one name guess

    £5 for three willow sticks and three name guesses

    £10 for 8 willow sticks and 8 name guesses

    The prize consists of: 1 bunny cardboard tube, 1 bag of burgess excel dandelion and marigold herbage, all of the willow sticks pictured minus the ones sent to a rescue, 225g of small bunny shaped marshmallows, 60g single white marshmallow bunny, set of 3 red/white/black bunny socks, single pair of grey bunny socks, pastel green cupcake lidded mug, pink stud bunny earrings, and a £1 bunny trolley token.

    The fundraiser will be run over two forums – RU and PaP forum. I will update each as often as possible. If two people choose the same name, that’s okay. Names will be listed next to a number, and prize draws will be on the number not the name.

    Please send money directly to PaP at, as a GIFT so that PaP get the full amount. Write that it’s for the ‘name a bunny fundraiser’ and your forum name or preferred name & number of guesses.

    After you send your payment, please write on the thread (or PM if you prefer) how many sticks you have sent, and which names you choose (or whether you want me to choose them!). I will update on the threads as soon as I can, and PaP will update me to let me know they’ve received the money successfully.
    All profits will go direct to PaP, except for £10 to cover the prize provided by me (the postage cost included in the £10), and the £2/3 to send the willow sticks to the rescue.

    Closing date of the fundraiser is 17th June, draws will be done within 2 days!

    Donations & name guesses:

    1. Violet – Wendle RU
    2. Parsley – Wendle RU
    3. Dudley – Wendle RU
    4. Smudge – Wendle RU
    5. Lily – Wendle RU
    6. Scratch – Wendle RU
    7. George – Wendle RU
    8. Thumper – Wendle RU
    9. Cashew – Bunnybunny PAP
    10. Peanut – Bunnybunny PAP
    11. Jacob – Bunnybunny PAP
    12. Blueberry Muffin – Bunnymadhouse RU
    13. Ted – Martlou RU
    14. Rosie – Martlou RU
    15. Bobby – Martlou RU
    16. Wilson – Nessar RU
    17. Winston - Nessar RU
    18. Harvey - Nessar RU
    19. Bambam - Rabswood PAP

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    Thanks so much for running this fundraiser - PaP really appreciate it

    The prize is fab!!!!!!!!

    My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

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    I will definitely enter - must put my thinking cap, or more likely consult my 'Little Book of Bunny Nnames'.

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    thats a clever way around things .. well done .

    will be having a go later

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    Oo yay its been approved ! Thanks guys ! I'll cross post to the PaP forum when I'm at my computer

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    Hi I've sent 8 sticks my 8 guesses are

    In Memory Of My Gorgeous Bridge Bunnys Scratch,George,Lily,Dudley,And Now My Little Smudge Gone But NEVER Forgotten xxxxxxxx



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