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    Hi all... We have decided that next weekend is the time we will start the bonding process with Dave and dolly both neutered. They have lived opposite each other for a while and we have swapped dirt and handled them both one after the other. They both spend time in outside run separately at the mo. We have had advice on their first date.. Neutral area, behavior to expect etc. But my next question is .. What happens next? If they seem like they get on at first date what do we do next do we keep having to date them in neutral area or can we then let them in the run? How long before they can both move into daves palace? Sooo nervous about the whole bonding process have never done it before and want everything to go well and for them to live happily ever after :-) grateful for any advice... Thank you.

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    Hi there. If they seem amicable when you put them together, leave them like that for a few hours. If all is going well put some food in a bowl and give it to them. If they eat at the same time then you are doing very well. When iit comes to nighttime you will have to decide whether you can trust them to be ok or separate for the night and continue next day. Youve just got to takke each step carefully. If you feeel they are ready to move into their new home, make sure it has been neutralised with 50/50 vinegar annd water so that it doesn''t smell of Dave. The boy will possibly want to chase the girl as this is natural. She will run away and that might carry on for a few days until they settle down. Each bonding is a little different. If things don't go according to plan annd they start to fight you will probably have to separate them if it seems quite nasty. But most pairs have a little fight then the submissive one backs off. Try to act casual not nervous and you could tell them what you are doing because you would like them to be together Hope it goes well.

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    Thank you for your advice that sounds great, the only problem being that the only neutral ground they have never been In is our bedroom so leaving them in there a few hours could be tricky :-s fingers crossed all goes well for us :-)



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