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    Default Making a signature

    whats the best site to use to make a signature?

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    Some people use photobucket or sometime someone will offer to make one for a donation to a reacue Whitehood used to make them.

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    i realised after i'd posted this that you can make them in photobucket

    have made a quick one for now as could do with some better pictures of george (when hes not being stubborn)
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    Default Siggies!

    May I Ask Where/How Some Of You Have Made Some Of Your Signatures? They Are Just Beautiful! My Photos Are Coming Thru So Blurry In Photobucket.

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    I can make them for people probably take me a few days, but if you'd like one, PM me with photos, names you want on it, and any colours you like/dislike. I have a nice flower signature that's crying out to be used, if anyone wants a really girly one
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