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Thread: My bunny has something in his eye :(

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    Default My bunny has something in his eye :(

    It looks like Russ has some hay in his eye, it doesn't seem to be causing him any discomfort but I'm wondering what I should do about it, if anything...
    I only got him today so I don't want to just start messing with him if I don't have to.. any suggestions?

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    i would take him to the vets
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    Thanks I will do first thing in the morning!

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    Hi! My Honey had a runny eye a few weeks ago but i couldn't see anything wrong. I took her to the vets and the vet found the tiniest piece of hay (splinter sized) right in the corner of her eye! She got it out with a cotton bud, and a few days later Honey was fine again so yes I'd take him to the vets before it starts irritating him you will have to put some pics of him on here!

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    Thanks for the advice! Hope your bunny has recovered well from her trip to the vets!! It had gone last night but he has another bit in there this morning, gonna take him to the vet down the road from me, hope he doesn't hate me for it... I will get some pics up very soon!



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