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    Default playhouse ??s

    right well i was wondering what the size should be for 4 buns and again for 2? also has anyone bought from can you put them directly onto the ground or do you need a base?

    thank you in advance!

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    I don't know if the size is good or bad, someone else is better to tell you that.

    It doesn't look to bad but the cladding edges (end gain) are exposed so it will soak moisture in and could create gaps and damp issues and the frame looks rather small. The felt looks like cheap stuff.

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    That particular playhouse is often on eBay so you could get yourself a bargain as for the size it's not big enough on its own (I think it's 4ft x 4ft) but great if you attach a run onto the side

    And yes, it needs to go onto a base, whether that be concrete, paving slabs or what we did was make a frame underneath to lift it up and put it straight onto grass.
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