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Thread: Hutch or hide in BUNNY shed ??

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    Default Hutch or hide in BUNNY shed ??

    My current setup for my x 2 bunnies is a 10 x 6ft shed with a 24/7 run access that is 6 x 4.

    My problem is im not happy with its setup inside they currently have a home made house that is 2 x 6ft and its about had it it totally does my head in when cleaning etc and the currently just mess it up and poo in it.

    i want to put a hutch or a wooden hide in there to replace it but can anyone recomend anything... and what do u think of the 2 links attached. i cant afford allot as the current setup has just costs me loads and theyv both just been to vets for jabs that cost me a further 70. so im looking at around 30 for the hutch. a few iv seen below...but if you have any other suggestions please share them with me...

    i like this one as its got wire that i can attach the water bottles
    i like this one as they can jump ontop if they like but would i need x 2 of this one as its small

    any advise or pictures are very welcome.

    my current setup is...

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