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    Forum Buddy's

    Forum buddy's are members who have volunteered to help out other members (particularly new users). If you need help using the forum - perhaps your not sure where to post your question or you haven't had a reply they are there to help.

    Who are the forum buddys?

    Forum Buddy's usernames are bright green. You can see when they are online in the users online list at the bottom of the front page.

    Our current buddies are:

    mini lop1
    Mini C
    Nikki 26

    What's a Forum Buddy's Job?

    A Forum Buddy's Job is to:

    • Welcome new members in the intro section.
    • Check for topics that aren't replied to or haven't been answered completely. If they don't know the answer, then to flag it up to others that do.
    • Be a first point of call via PM or the help section for technical advice on using the forum features.
    • Keeping an eye out to ensure new people are being looked after.
    • Report any posts where a new user is not treated politely.

    The aim is to make new users feel welcome and help them find their way around.

    How to become a forum buddy...

    We're not currently recruiting more forum buddies but if you would like to go on the reserve list please send a pm to an admin or mod with a few lines telling us why you'd be a good forum buddy. We'll put your name on the list and next time we need more buddy's we'll contact you
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