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Thread: I m a little conserned

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    Default I m a little conserned

    I took my lovely dutch 9 year old bunny to the vet today and around his I was this wet gooey type stuff...
    I dont know what it is the vet wiped it off and said be careful about that
    Now, I brought him in because it had come back and wiped it gently.
    I have been to see him since and there was not any more. Is it something I need to sort or is it just a one off??
    Please I need to know ASAP!
    I love all my bunnies coko, peppermint,nibbles and Mini but will never forget twitchy 1, twitchy 2 and munchie

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    Do you mean his eye?
    Watch it closely, sometimes they can get a little goo, but if it's runny or has discharge for more than a day it might mean an eye infection or teeth problems.
    You vet might have meant just keep an eye on it (no pun intended) in case it gets worse.



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