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Thread: Old Useful Diet Thread

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    Thanks for these tips i always wanted to get the best diet for my pet but didn't know where to find this but with your help it's quite very easy for me now. Once again thanks from my pet he will be happy to eat this.
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    Default Old Useful Diet Thread

    Thanks for useful links.

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    I was reading the Link on Rabbit poop from Medi rabbit and i just wanted to add one thing

    the ID Pic for Ingested fur or carpet doesnt mention that the stringing can come from not chewing grass properly and can be a sign of poor back teeth/molars. Which is what our Darcie has, he had the stringy poop and when it was pulled apart and we looked at it we found it was unchewed grass. Full grass leaves all weaved together to form an almost rope/string appearance. Just incase any one sees stringy poop to get back teeth checked also

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    Hi, I'm really, really new to rabbits as in I only properly became interested in having one as a pet today. I am aware hay is supposed to make up around 80% of their diet but I was wondering if there are any other options. Both my mother and I are heavily allergic to hay but not the rabbit itself. I could use paper as bedding instead because they'd be indoor bunnies and they could have grass, just not hay.
    Any help? I thought this might be the place to post this because it was relevant to nutrition and what not, sorry if it's not the right place.



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