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Thread: Tooth Root Issues

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    Default Tooth Root Issues

    If a bun has problems with tooth roots, what are the procedures post diagnosis?

    Is there anything that can be done, or is it just a case of managing it with pain relief?

    Can anyone tell me please.

    Dental done 4 weeks ago, but symptoms and behaviour showing as the same again.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to post.

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    Depending on where the teeth are I think sometimes the best option is to remove the tooth. I don't know if the root is also removed or withers and dies, that may possibly depend on location too. When Elijah had a bulging eye and it was thought (before x-ray) that it could be tooth roots causing it then removing teeth to alleviate the situation was a option considered.

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    Burring the teeth right down should be beneficial too, because then it removes the pressure from the tooth roots.

    Wish's main problem is tooth roots and she is well managed with pain relief and sporadic dentals. It sounds like Biccy is hurting quite a bit so hopefully if you can get a handle on that, then he might settle down.

    If this happens again, then the next time you see any signs of destruction, that's when you see a vet. Helpful to have something to key.
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