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Thread: Just reported someone on preloved... U/D Got a reply...

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    Default Just reported someone on preloved... U/D Got a reply...

    Was just browsing and came across a 2ft x 2ft 'hutch' with 'large' attached run..(4ft x 2ft approx) "Great to house up to 2 rabbits and guieneua pigs" ... I sent a long winded note to preloved.. I dispare

    Hello Alycia,

    Many thanks for your comments.

    Firstly, I do want to say that we do share your concern regarding the welfare of the animals that are sold on Preloved. We do put in a lot of work to ensure the sale of animals is handled as responsibly as possible.

    For example, we screen all animal adverts to ensure they are not being sold at too young an age, check that they are not controlled under dangerous dogs legislation, check they are not listed as a dangerous wild animal, check they are not an endangered species, check they have not been illegally docked, check it is not one of the many scams coming from Africa, prevent people swapping animals and more. We also require people selling more than 5 litters of puppies per year to demonstrate that they are licensed by their local authority.

    We believe that we go further than any other similar sites in enforcing such requirements.

    However, I'm sure you will understand that there is a limit to what we are able to enforce and control and unfortunately I believe the issue you raise falls outside of these limits.

    That said, I have contacted the seller and alerted them to your concerns. Our experience is that given the right knowledge the vast majority of owners are keen to do the best for their animals.

    If they want to do whats best for their animals then they wouldn't let them in a box like that permanently.. especially for 2 rabbits Ugh..
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