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    Hiya all, I'm new to the forum, so hello to everyone

    I have a nearly 4 year old male bunny, he's not been neutured, but he's also not aggressive, doesn't bite, he's active but not destructive *least not out of his home*

    Anyway, a few months back, I noticed his eyes were getting watery, and the fur under his eyes were always wet, I took him to the vets *They aren't very nice I've since changed* and they said nothing was wrong.

    I took him back later on and they put some dye in him and said he had a blocked tear duct, and recommended a GA to clear this, I don't fancy putting my bun under GA just to sort his eye as I don't want to loose him, as I've heard buns aren't well under GA

    Anyway I've since gone to a different vets, They checked all his teeth + breathing, no problems there, I've had some eye cream drops to put in, Merlin (Bunny) was on these for about a week I think, And I was bathing his eyes in cold chamomile tea as advised by the vets, it seemed to clear up

    Anyway last night when he came out for snuggles, I noticed his eyes are really red, though he isn't lathergic he grooms daily etc etc, His fur is constantly wet under his eyes, so it must bother him, I tried bathing him in chamomile tea and last night for the first time ever the little swine bit me, so I know it must hurt him

    I am wondering what else I can do with him? I'm out of work myself right now, due to my own personal health reasons, so money is tight, BUT I am not having him suffer because I don't have money to spare, I'd rather go hungry, but I am wondering if anyone else's BUn's have suffered this, what can I do and are the treatments a success??

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    I suspect that elongated tooth ROOTS may be a possibility. Tooth root elongation can only be diagnosed with skull radiographs, it CANNOT be diagnosed just by looking at the teeth. TRE can result in the tooth roots pressing on the nasolacrimal duct causing constant 'runny eyes' and recurrent infections.

    Personally if he was my Rabbit I would want him admitted for a GA, full Dental Examination (IMPOSSIBLE to do in a conscious Rabbit) and skull radiographs.

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    Further to Jane's post as far as I know it's quite rare to loose bunnies under GA, especially in the care of a rabbit savvy vet.

    Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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    I agree with what Jack's-Jane has said.

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