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Thread: Evie - our very precious baby girl - 10th May 2011

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    Default Evie - our very precious baby girl - 10th May 2011

    Evie, our very precious baby girl – where do I start writing about you?

    There is so much I want to say to you, so many things we loved about you & so many treasured memories we have of you. Writing your tribute has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I really didn’t think I would be able to write a tribute to you – not because I didn’t want to, but because the pain of losing you has been unbearable. I feel like my heart has broken into a million pieces.

    However, writing down how we feel about you has helped; it’s made me realise how happy you made us & hopefully how happy we made you. I still can’t believe we won’t see you again – I can’t accept you’ve gone; that I’ll never kiss your face or snuggle into your fur again. I don’t think I’ll ever accept you’ve gone; nor understand why you were taken from us so young. Despite the pain that we are feeling from losing you, we don’t regret a single moment of giving you your forever home. We are so incredibly blessed & privileged that we were fortunate to be part of your life – we just wish it could have been for so much longer.

    You came to live with us & our fur babies on 25th September 2010 – I received a text from Suzanne on RU telling me that Marie (bluebunny ) had posted about a blind baby conti who had been posted on Pre-loved in Sheffield. The person that listed you said if a special home could not be found, you would be put to sleep. I know without Marie posting that night about you & Suzanne texting me to tell me you needed help – we would not have found you. For that I will always be so very grateful to them that you came into our lives.

    I couldn’t not find out more about you could I? There was no way on this earth that I could not try to help you. I believe now it was fate – somehow it was as if you were meant to be with us.

    I remember that Friday night so well – we’d had no intention of adopting another bunny, however, I text the person on Pre-loved who asked me to ring her the following morning. I then tried to find you a rescue space – Auntie Kay & Uncle David at Bunnyhops agreed to take you in & agreed that I would collect you the morning after. We planned to take you over to Bolton the following day.

    When I spoke to the lady from Pre-loved – it turned out she had tried their hand at breeding – sadly it hadn’t gone to plan. You were born with no eyes & two of your siblings were both blind in one eye – I collected you later that morning. Whilst I normally don’t support people who deliberately breed animals – something told me I had to collect you. I just could not let you be put to sleep because you couldn’t see. My feeling was you wouldn’t put a blind person to sleep, so why would you put a blind bunny to sleep?

    The lady who bred you at least had the common sense not to breed anymore; despite you & your siblings being born disabled, you at least made her realise breeding bunnies was not for her. I’m so glad they decided that – at least you being born stopped them bringing more bunnies into the world that might not have been so fortunate as you.

    When I told Daddy about you – he was convinced before I picked you up that the kindest thing would be to put you to sleep. He thought you might be a nervous, quivering girl because you were blind – he was very unsure how you would cope.

    All I can say is when I collected you that Saturday morning – nothing could have prepared us for the most beautiful, confident, amazing & trusting bunny I picked up. Far from being a nervous, quivering girl – you were so outgoing & confident – we were stunned. You immediately trusted us. I brought you home & settled you into our spare room for the night, with the full intention of taking you over to Auntie Kay & Uncle David the following day – I knew you would have a fantastic life with them & would want for nothing.

    What we didn’t bargain for was that within less than 12 hours you would have cast your spell on us & we would fall for you hook, line & sinker! You wrapped us firmly round your little paws. It was like you had always been part of our lives. I rang Auntie Kay the following morning to ask if she minded if you stayed with us – she started laughing at me & told me she had been expecting the call!! I’ve no idea what she means Evie, have you?

    You immediately became a very much loved part of our bunny family & such a special lady to us. We needed to find the right name for you & to us Evie suited you perfectly. We chose that name because it means ‘life’. We thought it very fitting for you given you were going to be put to sleep because you couldn’t see & you had been given the chance of a new life.

    You were the most amazing bunny we had ever come across – despite being blind you didn’t let it stop you from living a very happy & contented life. If you didn’t know it, you honestly wouldn’t have believed you were blind – yes we had to make adjustments for you & supervise you closely when you were out & about, but to you it was normal not to see. You simply dealt with it in your own Evie way. You would still run around & binky like a sighted bunny. You would think nothing of jumping on to the settee to lay with me for cuddles & demand attention. If Thomas our elderly cat was sat with me, you would nip him to move out of the way – as far as you were concerned he was sat in your spot so could shift himself pronto!!

    At night you used to love laying on the floor with me & loved nothing more than me kissing & stroking all round your face for you. No other bunny has ever loved that as much as you did – I think it brought you comfort because you couldn’t see. You used to make us laugh at how zonked you would be when you were asleep – several times you gave me a fright thinking you’d gone!! I guess that’s testament to how chilled & relaxed you were living with us.

    You also used to make Daddy & I laugh so much sweetheart with your antics, you would run up to us & nip us to demand attention if you felt you weren’t getting enough! We needed eyes in the back of our heads with you; you thought nothing of going off exploring & trying to go where you shouldn’t or jumping on to things you shouldn’t!

    We used to joke that you would never grow into your ears or feet – they were huge & so amazing!! You used to use your ears so much to compensate for not being to see – you used to use them like radars & would even use them to feel your way round by tilting them forward to feel things. Every night you knew when I was preparing food for the bunnies & would run to the living room door begging!! It was amazing to see – I swear you knew the sound of the fridge door opening or the pellet box lid being taken off!! You would literally beg for food like a dog & it wasn’t always bunny food!! You even thought human food was fair game & every time we walked in with a tray with or tea on at night, you would be up expecting your share!

    You were so brave & recovered really well when you had an operation on your left eye last November to remove abscesses that had formed. We knew in time you would possibly need the same operation on your right eye; that never happened due to you becoming poorly last week.

    After you were speyed we tried bonding you with our single boy Finlay, but you had other ideas!! You were such a confident bunny; you definitely didn’t need bunny company & firmly made a point of telling me!! I think also because you couldn’t see it made you very wary of other rabbits, probably because you couldn’t see their behaviour towards you. That didn’t stop you making friends with Thomas, Phoebe & Mia our cats! This morning I found Mia in your basket that I haven’t brought myself to move yet – she has never done that before, but I know she doesn’t understand where you’ve gone.

    To lose you in the way we have has devastated us both – never in a million years did we think that you would suffer with tummy problems. You were a hay monster!! The amount you munched your way through every day was unbelievable; which makes it all the more ironic & so very difficult to accept why you were taken from us.

    I hope you understand why we chose to allow our vet Jane to operate on you – I hope you know it’s because we wanted so badly to make you better. We had to try Evie; we had to try to stop you being taken from us so young. I just wish I had been with you when you made your final journey & just hope you were not frightened without mummy being there. At 11 months old, you should have had so much more time with us – life is just so, so cruel & unfair at times. Your time on this earth might have only been short Evie; we might have only had you in our lives for just over 7 months, but to us it seems like a lifetime.

    We will treasure every single memory of you for the rest of our lives. I still can’t believe we have been so lucky & blessed to have shared our lives with such a special girl – thank you for finding your way to us. Our lives are so much richer for having had you as part of them.

    We hope you are now able to see at Rainbow Bridge & no longer in pain. We hope you have also met our other bridge bunnies there – they will look after you. We hope you know how much we loved you.

    Binky free our precious baby girl, until we meet again one day.

    All our love now & forever.

    Mummy & Daddy

    Precious memories will keep you close, forever in our hearts Evie in a video of all your piccies
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    So sorry for your loss

    Binky free sweet Evie xxxx

    RIP Sweet Frasier bun xxx

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    I am so so sorry you lost her. She lived a happy life with you and it is obvious you loved her very much. {{hugs}} Binky free Evie xx
    - Emma

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    oh hun, so sorry to hear about evie
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    I am sorry, I really cried. Evie was so wonderful, its not fair she went so young.

    RIP Evie.

    Thinking of you both in this awful time. xxx

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    I am crying buckets for you.

    That was a beautiful tribute to your darling girl Denise and the montage was lovely as well.

    Binky free at the Bridge Evie xxx

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    Oh Denise, the tears are flowing here, that is just so lovely, Evie really got to all of us, she was one of those bunnies who we will never, ever forget just like our Lily-Hope

    I know just how the both of you are feeling and I am so sorry for you Denise and Mark but you gave Evie everything you possibly could, you gave her the precious thing of the gift of life, you both loved her so much and she knew it, Evie was a real darling, I am so sorry she left you so young

    Binky free beautiful Evie, have fun at the bridge when you get there, go and look for all the others and they will take care of you, sllep tight you big, beautiful, brave girl xxxxx

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    r.i.p evie xx

    I miss you everyday Matilda Moo. Delilah.Stevie.Minxie.Bubbles. R.I.P

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    that got me crying

    you had such a special bond. i'm so sorry you lost her.

    sleep tight evie xxx
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    What a lovely fitting tribute for a truly gorgeous girlie.

    Binky free Evie you will always be remembered.



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