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Thread: Can rabbits see in the dark?

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    Default Can rabbits see in the dark?

    Operation 'Rabbits in the Garage' has just been completed .

    I was just wondering whether I should keep the light on for them in the garage??

    I know rabbits can see in the dark - but in the pitch black?

    In the garden they used to have starlight/moonlight and street lights - so I doubt very much it was pitch black - however the garage is literally pitch black.

    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on to the matter!!

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    Generally they are most active at dawn & dusk,they often sleep in their underground burrow in the darkness of the night,as foxes,badgers,Stoats,etc can see well a night & these animals hunt rabbits. So yes where your rabbits are now is fine,as long as they gets some light in the day

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    Thank you for your reply!

    We've put a hole in the side of the garage and they have a big giant tube from their hutch to their two runs in the garden which they have access to 24hrs a day - I'm mostly concerned about them being able to move around their hutch safely and comfortably?
    For example will they be able to see the ramp and litter trays - don't want them walking into anything for hurting themselves or not finding their food.

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    I should imagine there eyes will easily adjust to the darkness so I wouldn't worry xx



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