Hi, I joined a while ago but haven't posted much. I am considering introducing some new little bunnies into my home and im just wondering how this group works?

From what I have gathered there are so many people willing to help with transport, bonding etc. Im in Dorset, but if I find bunnies that are a long way away how do you go about getting help with transport, obviously I would be willing to pay for fuel.

And if there are 2 rabbits that are not bonded is there help available for that? Im thinking its easier to find a bonded pair that are in my area already but there are so many single bunnies out there waiting for a new home with a friend, if I can help two find a home together surely that's worth it? but what if they are in different place?!

Im sure Im just worrying unnecessarily and it would all fall into place when it happens but I didnt know if its normal to get bunnies from different places and bond them?!

Thanks in advance for your replies!