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Thread: How many bunnies together?

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    Default How many bunnies together?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum... not sure if i was supposed to post an introduction somewhere first, sorry if i was supposed to, didnt know how to do it!

    My question -- I'm getting a beautiful butterfly agouti german lop in 5 weeks, she will be 10 weeks when she comes and she will be living in an outdoor aviary measuring 8ft X 8ft. I was wondering, would it be possible to house 2 does together? I'm worried she will be lonely, but i'm also worried that if i introduce 2 they will fight...
    Any replies apprieciated.

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    Sounds like a good set up
    I'd keep her until she is 6 months and have her sterilised (gets rid of hormones as well as the ability to breed) and get her a friend in the future
    If you get her a friend now, she may end up fighting (then again they may not) but personally I would not risk it and wait
    Then, you can rehome one from a rescue where it is already vaccinated and neutered for you, which is a massive plus, (not only for that reason of course!)

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    Hello and welcome to RU

    your set up sounds brilliant. The ideal combination would be to get your girl spayed and to pair her up with a neutered male or possibly even look at a group. Some vets will spay younger than 6 months, it very much depends on your vet and your rabbit
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