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Thread: Unusual mycobactrial infection of GI tract presenting as dysautonomia.

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    Default Unusual mycobactrial infection of GI tract presenting as dysautonomia.

    Original thread title - Dysautonomia/no caecal motility/caecum working again p63/passed away 15/11/11 p194

    Recent events leading to an ultrasound of Thumper's tummy are on

    Thumper has had very long standing dental/stasis issues perhaps as early as 16/17 weeks old. Regular dentals & a very high fiber/low nutrient diet (like a wild rabbit diet) gave us good control of his bowels, until this winter.
    I have been unable to regain control of his gut with dietary measures and short courses of zantac.

    He had an ultrasound of his tummy today. The caecum wasn't contracting & just lying flaccid partly caved in on itself. The lining was inflammed. He'd a bit of sludge in his bladder but managed to pee it out on his own steam.

    We do not know whether the nerves to the caecum have stopped working or whether the muscles have stopped working. It's immaterial apart from advancing our knowledge about bunny illness, because we can't do much about either!!
    We're starting with a month's course of zantac + the NSAID metacam to reduce the inflammation.

    As well as that, we have to get through a dental every month. Spinning it out to every month tips him to the verge of stasis. His fluid intake is very low because of his teeth.

    There is interesting current research trying to find a link between amines which affect blood vessels & which are produced by a malfunctioning caecum in rabbits, & dental disease. It's the same concept as laminitis in horses hooves, but affecting the dental pulp vessels instead.

    We need all the support we can get for this last fight.
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    Sending vibes for you and Thumper x
    I'm sure he appreciates you're doing your best for him

    Sleep tight, wee Blackberry x

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    Oh Judy I am so sorry to read that Thumps's caecum is not doing its job properly, you must feel very upset about this. It's good to have a diagnosis and it means you can feel positive that you know what to tackle now and where but I totally understand how significant this finding is and how worried you must be.

    I have everything crossed, and i'm going to make Poppy and Nino cross their paws in a minute too, that the suggested treatment course does the trick in time. We are all thinking of you here at this difficult and worrying time.
    Vicky, Poppy and Nino xx

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    Poor Thumper. Sending him our best wishes.

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    awww sending vibes for thumper xx

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    I have no real knowledge here, but this may help. I know many causes of laminitis are related to cushings or pre-cushings disease in horses, whether this in anyway related to amine levels I don't know.
    There are also links suspected between laminitis and diabetes in horses.
    I know this may well be useless, but it may help find a link with Thumper's problems, I hope so.
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    Sending huge vibes for you and your Thumper! The dedication you show to him is amazing and I hope against all hope that his ceacum will get better with the meds! Come on brave Thumps if you can deal with a dental a month you can get through this too!

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    see judy, you just KNEW there was more to it - you are one heck of a brilliant bunny companion (or should i say slave).

    is there any chance of recovery or will this just need to be treated with meds to alleviate some of the issues?

    thoughts with you both xxx

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    i am thinking of you and thumper Judy, spend loads of time doing your usual bunny things hun, i guess prepare for the worst and treasure each day that dont happen and what ever happens ill be here on the other end of a pc just like you have been for me xxxxxxx

    Alvin my precious angel is no longer living with me *sad face*
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    I am sorry the news wasnt better Judy

    Is it Dysautonomia you are referring to ?

    Reference links for various Rabbit health problems

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