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    Default stasis :(

    My baby Rafferty died a week ago from having stasis then bloat, and I am still grieving so badly. Everytime I think about it I cry. He was only 5 and he was such a personality. I can't stop blaming myself and I feel so guilty about it, I knew he wasn't feeling well, he'd been eating all day and running around in the garden but that night he was sat on his toilet all night and I thought he must have delly belly from eating too much grass, which has happened before. The next day he still wasn't his chirpy self and his ears were a bit cold but I put the heating on and he warmed up and I thought he was getting a bit better. Then a bit later in the afternoon he felt a bit bigger and I suspected bloat so I rushed him to the vets where he died an hour later. I am just so upset, he relied on me and I left it too late. My family are all sad about it too but no one seems to understand my guilt that he could still be here if I got him to the vet sooner. I'm going to have to live with this guilt all my life. I don't really know what I'm asking for here but I'm hoping it might help me cope a bit better if there are people on here who have been in a similar situation?
    I just feel soooo sad and heartbroken and guilty. I wish I could've saved my little man. He didn't deserve what happened to him.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. You really shouldn't blame yourself, you did what you thought was right at the time and you can do no more than that. Just remember the good times in the 5 years you had him. I'm sure in those years your bunny had the very best of care and lots of love too.

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    Hiya, i am so so sorry for your loss i had exactly the same situation happen to me 4 months ago. I ended up losing my best friend tilly and blamed myself incessantly.
    You have to realise, as i do now, that there was nothing you could have done, it wasnt your fault. Like my tilly he was eating and drinking normally and then it just snuck up on you. As soon as you realised you took him to the vets, it was obviosly just a very severe case that was beyond help.
    I know how you're feeling, i really do, but please dont blame yourself. Its the last thing you need ontop of dealing with your grief. Be kind to urself and give urself as much time as you need, cry as much as you want to.
    I still miss tilly everyday and still cry for her sometimes, but now i know that it wasnt my fault. It was just her time and itcwas for your bun too
    it sounds like you're a fab bunny mum and he was lucky to have you
    Gemma, mum to;

    My beautiful Tilly left me for the bridge 11/01/2010. I love and miss her every single day. Sweet dreams precious girl, lifes not the same without you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    its easy for me to say dontblame yoursef, but please try and think of the positive times the memories that will always be in your heart. Bunnies go down hill so fast and although you did act quickly enough it was just his time and unfortunatly you had to learn a very hard lesson.
    Now though (although little comfort) you will be first person to advise people to get there bun straight to vet if it is unwell and this is the message your little bunny has giving you to pass on!

    I had similar problem years ago, I was only at school but my Sweep had had flystrike previous year and everyday we washed her bottom (back then not much was known we were actually killing her with kindness) one sunday morning I went out just for an hour and said id help my mum bath sweep when I got home.
    An hour was too late maggots had began to hatch and we decide it wasnt fair to put her through the treatment anymore and I had to hold her as she was pts, if only I hadnt went out and to this day the blame/guilt is always there that it was me that had killed her.
    However I know she does not hold a grudge and now my buns are checked all the time and no treats hardly are giving weight watched etc etc, and Sweep still visits esp when my buns are ill (I see spirit learner psychic/animal communicator, if you belive in that stuff)
    your bun will always be with you and very upset that you blame yourself for you did take him to vets and get help, you did try and make him comfortable by warming him up if you didnt care you would not have done any of those things.
    Write down all your grief/love and memories and light a candle for your bun pray that he is recovering in heaven and that you will meet again.
    Sending our love to you and your family and of course healing to your bun.
    Have you still got his friend if so lots of love for her and make sure you take good care of her for your boy because thats what he would have wanted. Remember she'll be upset to.

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    elaine never think you are to blame in anyway, bunnys are very fragile beings and their health can go down hill when they're not well, I lost Ling Jai last week and keep thinking something couldv'e been done, but his time too had come, I knew nothing about stasis and was lucky that Ling Jai had survived bouts himself, none of us are experts that's why we came here in the frst place

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    I am sorry for your loss

    With the wisdom of hindsight I am sure many people, me included, would do certain things differently-act sooner or whatever. I have made mistakes from which, on one occassion, a much loved Bunny died. I too felt guilt and I still do. But I have learned a very important lesson from my error. Should I be met with the same circumstances again I know I would make very different decisions.

    You did what you believed to be right at the time. Your Bun may still have passed away regardless of whether you had taken him to a Vet sooner or not.
    The only thing I could do in my situation when my Rabbit died was to do everything within my power to make sure I learned from my misjudgement.

    None of us are perfect. We all love our Rabbits and had you realised just how poorly your boy was you would have taken him to a Vet sooner.

    I hope you dont read this as me saying 'it's your fault'. That is not my intention. But for all of us I think it's important to acknowledge that we would do things differently should we find ourselves in the same situation again. I know I certainly would as far as what happened to my Rabbit goes.

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    I'm so sorry about your bunny , please don't blame yourself.



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