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Thread: Calling all those with free range buns!

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    Default Calling all those with free range buns!

    What are the pros and cons of having buns free range please? I want to have one pair free range in the living room and the other in the kitchen/diner, but the OH isn't keen. So I thought maybe a list of fors and againsts might help maybe
    Sarah x

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    Charlies mostly free range in my bedroom but locked up at night...
    He's destroyed SO much! But you get an even better bond with them
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    Lyric is free range when were here,but goes in her room when were not,I cant leave her out when were not here because she would get into too much mischeif and ive got two dogs

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    Urm... When Ronnie was totally free range he definately bonded better with us He used to sleep on the bottom of our bed But then he ate all the paint off the walls in the kitchen, he ate the wallpaper in the lounge, he ate the skirting board in the bedroom, he even chewed the plastic on the patio doors He also chewed through a wire on my GHD's the once after he got up on my dressing table!

    I must say, even though he destroyed so much, i still loved having him inside He was such a little character when he was free range. He used to sit at the front door and wait for us when we came home
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    you know my set up and arrangements and they work fine for us i felt so guilty shutting eric away at night - and the bedtime chase drove me mad. i've never had a bunny room tho so i can't really compare

    i'm fortunate that neither eric or esme are majorly destructive (touch wood) and anything they have chewed has been my own fault for leaving it out for them to be curious about when i shouldn't have

    eric doesn't really move far from the living room - he used to go upstairs and in all the bedrooms at the old house but he hasn't bothered here - yet (lost him a few times, major panic!). esme has started to follow me around the kitchen - she was 'helping' me unload the washer earlier.

    i love it when i walk through the door and somebun greets me - and the fact that they are free to sit, run and sleep wherever they want.

    but it's no use going back to yesterday,
    because i was a different person then

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    Charlie and Olly have free range of the house when we are in, otherwise they are shut in my bedroom.
    So far they haven't wrecked anything outside my room, but you just generally get a better bond with them, my two follow me about everywhere

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    My four are shut in their bunny room when we are out/asleep. Of course, I have made sure there is no carpet/wires in their room for them to chew. Naturally, they have destroyed the wall paper. I let them free range in the house when we are in, so I can supervise them - and stop them when they try to destroy something. I used to naively believe that the wires were safe when covered with cable tidy.

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    Pro's, easier to look after, just a littertray to clean, it's lovely to see their natural behaviour unconfined.

    Con's, no wire is safe, ditto table/chair legs, the cat is forever being terrorised.

    Think that's about it

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    Bella is free range and we both love it The only thing is she's not allowed upstairs when we're not in, but only because I'm petrified in case she was to fall down them when I'm not there

    Thankfully she isn't very destructive and we haven't had any real problems. My main problem with her having free reign of the place is that I no longer get the chance to sit in my armchair because she has claimed it as her own!!
    Laura x

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    Catkin free ranges in my flat. He likes to follow me to see what I am doing. And if I can't find him its because he is in my bed under the duvet......

    A babygate is really usefull. At my last house, my lot used to live in the kitchen. The babygate meant they couldn't get upstairs when I wasn't in.

    You just have to make sure that all the important stuff is above bunny height - a bit like having children I suppose.



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