Snowy is back from the vets again tonight. As you know, he's been suffering from snuffles for the past few months.

He's been on a course of Baytril, then Septrin and then Tetracycline. He responded well on the Tetracycline...with symptoms really decreasing within a week of treatment (he was having an injection once every 2 days).

However, my vet would only allow the course of Tetracycline for 10 days for fear of upsetting Snowy's gut bacteria (he and is eating and drinking perfectly

Since coming off the Tetacycline, my vet asked to keep Snowy off the meds for 2 weeks to see how he went.
After a week, his symptoms returned full force as right in the beginning

He's now been given a 14 day course of penicillin injections (to be given every two days). I have to inject Snowy myself at home, and had to sign a consent form this evening, as its unlicensed for used in rabbits.

My vet was great in showing me what to do, and letting me try under her supervision. However, I was....and still do feel very very faint. I also feel extremely upset for Snowy, as he has been injected so so much, and yet is being so good and just putting up with it.

I'm also devastated that despite going through all this, visiting the vets twice a day, poor Snowy being used as a pin cushion....feeling like we were fiiiiinally seeing soon as the meds stopped....back to square one

I've been warned that on the penicillin, there is a chance Snowy's eating might slow down/stop. I don't want him suffering, and I don't want to watch this happen.

I'm feeling faint, worried, exhausted, guilty and very very sad

I just want my bunny better