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Thread: Sooo excited... PIC OF NEW HUTCH!

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    Default Sooo excited... PIC OF NEW HUTCH!

    I have a "Rabbit Palace" arriving tomorrow as I felt that my buns needed a bigger hutch, considering the "mini lop eared" rabbit which I took on last year turned out to be a french lop eared... hence he has out grown his hutch!! I can't believe Im so excited about it, but I know its because they will just love it!

    But the new hutch that is arriving tomorrow has come at quite a convenient time...

    I don't know if anyone has read my post from earlier today, but I found out today that the 2 silver fox rabbits which I re-homed recently were mis-sexed and I now have a pregnant female rabbit.
    I first noticed that Smokey had been getting a bit frisky with Bandit but was told by a vet that it was "probably just a dominance thing" which made sense as they were both boys and have been booked in to be neutered next week (due to the advice I received from people on this forum). Then when I went to clean them out today, Bandit had fur and hay in his mouth and was building a nest, which I have never seen him do before, so I took him back to the vets to be sexed and he is actually a SHE...

    Bandit (the doe) will be staying in the hutch she's in as she's used to it and has built a nest, so for the time being, Flopsy and Smokey will share the new hutch as Smokey can't be with Bandit for a few weeks!

    I can't believe Im so excited over a hutch! Most 20 year olds are excited about new clothes and shoes and mobile phones, but not me! I just want to see the bun's exploring a new hutch, they'll love it!!
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