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Thread: Earless rabbits

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarlightsRabbitRescue View Post
    Well, the breeder went from saying it had missing ears to later on saying it had been scalped and covered in bites and cuts.... forgive me if i am wrong.. they are both different things, and i doubt the second story of what happened would have came around had their not been an outrage on said thread. If the Second was stated first, this thread would not be here.
    Too true. Sometimes if the facts are too graphic to share then it's best not to get the subject going in the first place. Giving only half the story is bound to lead us to the wrong conclusion and then outrage at what we believe given the information we have to hand. We can't be blamed for jumping to the wrong conclusions.

    Even if the story that started this saga isn't as black and white as it seemed, the issue of whether or not to cull rabbits for cosmetic deformities is still an interesting one to debate. This forum is given an overwhelming 'No' - it makes me very happy to be part of this community. (Doesn't mean we follow like sheep, just that we share strong views about certain things).
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    Ok i have watched this with great interest seems though
    StarlightsRabbitRescue has nt given you the fullstory as she didnt read the posts right !
    yes it is me you are slandering and isnt Hmmm....cull the culler, I always say. Sick like giving me a death threat ? just think about that Lloyd Ferris
    as I have made it more than clear in the other forum
    in all the years i have been keeping rabbits i have had to cull 6 babies ! I have been keeping rabbits 10 years showing for 5 its not like this comes up regular , 3 babies were peanuts double dwarfing gene in small breeds peanuts cant not survive and it takes up to a week for them to die naturally which is cruel, 1 was over groomed and had no ears and a leg groomed off and other injuries and 2 were deformed one was born with no back legs another had 2 heads 1 back leg and no front legs
    now do you still think i was cruel to have them culled ?
    i have had 1 bunnie born with a ear missing that was rehomed to my friends daughter as it was born like that so it was not in pain or suffering in any way
    the one that had been over groomed had the following injuries and StarlightsRabbitRescue
    was saying its ok to let a animal suffer when its had its ears ripped off it has no skin on its head as a result of it, it has wounds to its skull too meaning possible bain damage and has punture wounds all over its body , what your saying is its not cruel to leave it alive in pain and its not cruel to let it suffer
    bear in mind when it has had such injury there is going to be also internal damange which means internal bleeding as well as bleeding from the outside wounds too , in this case limbs of the animal are hanging off but held on by skin bones are broken, and to top it off baby bunny is screaming and in general its not a nice scene this was the scene that i found the day i had to put that baby to sleep yet you say i was wrong to have it pts
    so you feel the right thing to do is let it live and slowly bleed to death internally and externally suffering in pain , if it survives the trip to the vet for you to get it treated i know what any good vet will do they will have it pts
    you have to remeber every situation is different and im sorry but if i have the same situation again i would do the same again i would have the baby pts
    I did point out these facts half way through the post StarlightsRabbitRescue seemed to ignore these facts she also ignored the fact i have had bunnies with no ears before now as pets and rehomed them as pets guess she forgot to tell you that bit of the post she has just pointed out the bad parts of the post in one sentance and wrote this post and set this post up to do nothing more than to make me look bad and other breeders look bad and ignored the facts and the rest of it

    life is not all smiles and sunshine there is a real world out there and welcome to the real world bad things happen and as a result people have to make heart breaking choices its a fact of life and personally i dont feel its fair to be persucuted for doing the right thing by an animal even if the right thing means culling or as in other terms pts an animal humainly to prevnt it suffering any more
    i have requested this post to be removed from this forum as it is slander and since you were only given the facts StarlightsRabbitRescue choose to give you you have started a debate without all the knowledge hence you have set out with pitch folks and torches looking for blood
    i think you all owe someone and apology espcially StarlightsRabbitRescue

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    no an i agree with most responces
    those piccies are soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee
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