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    Futher to my post yesterday about my bunny showing signs of bladder sludge I went out and bought some low calcium veg for Misletoe to eat to try and ease the situation. I bought cabbage (which he had eaten previously), basil and cucumber for a starter (based on a list that Jack's Jane posted yesterday. Trouble is Misletoe is turning his nose up at everything! The only thing he is eating is carrot (which is low in calcium, but I know it's high in sugars!) and gem lettuce (which I don't think is even low in calcium!). Plus he would happily eat grapes, apple, strawberries and blackberries till the cows come home if I would let him! He is constantly bothering me for food (he only comes to me when he wants food or a noserub and it is clear he doesnt want a noserub when he turns his back lol!) and I don't want to keep giving him pellets. I should also mention for those who didnt read my other post he has no front teeth and his back teeth are wonky and wobbly! I am feeling so guilty that he isn't getting the veg he needs!

    Any idea's?

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    Barley suffers from cystitis & was put on a low calcium diet 2 years ago.I was told to give her alot of "wet" veg like cucumber,apples,carrots & if there is a real big problem,to put water on veg aswell.Our vet spoke to a specialist in Harrogate who said she didn't need to be on a low calcium veg but not to give her mineral/salt licks which she loved,no alfalfa or any treats with calcium in.Her worst bouts have always been feb time & looking back it may be to do with her advent calender treats so shant buy her one this year.This year she was so bad with it she could hardly walk.Spring greens[a high calcium veg] has the same calcium level as Timothy hay apparently & she does fine on both of them.During a bad bout she has more pellets to encourage her to drink more,probotic sprinkled on pellets,apple cider vinegar or orange juice in her H20,veg she has the same as she always does[as above]but is sprinkled with water too & of course the same amount of hay as normal.Hope this is helpful.

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