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Thread: Symptoms for uterine cancer

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    Default Symptoms for uterine cancer


    I know this isn't a pleasant topic to discuss however I cannot find a decent websites which is all about rabbit uterine cancer and the symptoms.

    So do any of you know what are the symptoms of uterine cancer in rabbits?

    I am just curious by the way as my doe isn't spayed yet. Am planning to get her done in the summer.


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    My bunny did have uterine cancer...but had no symptoms! It was only by chance they caught it (she has a swollen nipple that didnt react to antibiotics so they removed it and asked if i wanted her spayed at the same time, had biospys done and she had two different cancers, unrelated!)

    She ate fine, was the same personality wise, ran around fine, didnt seem in pain when picked up...

    If your bunny is young then youv got nothing to worry about, mine was 7 when she go it (i didnt know about the cancer and syaying then), and the vet said they normally see it in buns 5+, the older they are the more likely theyll get it.

    Sorry that i cant help with symptoms, i dont know if all buns show no symptoms or whether just mine, we may have caught it early for her so it may have no progressed to symptoms.

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    I don't think there are that many signs of uterine cancer. Once signs are present it generally means the cancer has spread else where and the prognosis isn't good.

    Thats why it is recommended that all females are neutered, because of the lack of symptoms. Once you realise there is a problem it is often too late.

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    Symptoms are very variable - most will be either without any clinical signs, have a sore abdomen (sometimes shows as repeat stasis episodes) or passing blood from the vulva. Occasionally secondary tumours are seen at other sites, particularly the lungs so breathing problems could result.
    As there are no definitive signs and it can be fatal it is always better to get does spayed as younger buns when no other health problems complicate the anaesthetic and uterine disease is prevented before it has a chance to start up.
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    how old is the bun?
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    My bestest girl died of this - and very quickly (she was under anasthetic for treatment, and it was evident when she was opened up).
    Only signs of anything wrong - and this was noted in days - was slight passing of blood and slight tenerdness around her tummy.
    If you don't know your rabbit through and through, noticing the slightest change - then this can be missed within days.

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