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Thread: limping on left leg

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    Default limping on left leg

    splodge is limping on his left foot not sure what he has done to himself this time in one of his mad half hours he is flopped out in his cage after dinner with his mrs none too chuffed with life at the moment
    cant get hold of any local vets spoke with our old vet who is 20 miles away they seemed to think he will be fine waiting to see a vet in the morning if i keep his space restricted a bit stop him hopping about
    he is fine in himself except for the obvious limp and lack of binkies
    think he will be ok till morning ?

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    One of my bunnies did this, she had caught her dew claw nail. Not sure extent of damage as she was stroppy at Vets and stressed. They put her on Baytril for two weeks and due to return tomorrow.

    He did mention Amputating her toe.

    I would get her to Vets in morning for a check up.

    Maybe restrict space tonight to keep him calm
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    did he have a VHD jab today? Alvin got the limp after his first injection for VHD and i thought wed broken him because it came on hours after the vets

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    Front or back paw? As Donna said a front paw limp can be assiciated with the Cylap VHD vaccine. A rear paw limp is usually an infected or claw as Natsanth mentioned, either way as long as he is eating and pooing he will be fine till morning.

    Ref toe amputation, this is only usually necessary for a broken toe, an infected claw can easily be removed while you wait with a mild dose of anaesthetic.

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    I took Ozzy to the vets the day he hurt his paw but when I was there I had the option of leave it a day (give him small space rest over night), start baytril treatment or xray (followed by the baytril probably). I waited a day incase he'd just jarred it but no better the next day so went in.

    Vet still couldn't decide if it was just soft tissue damage or a tiny fracture (as the pain was pinpointed to one of his tiny finger bones) so I opted for the xray to rule out fracture/broken bones. It cost 150 but he was insured and would have paid it without insurance anyway coz i luff him 2 much . Still nothing, so they decided it was soft tissue damage and put him on baytil for a week with confined exercise, no levels for jumping etc.

    This worked great, limping stopped within the week, full weight on leg back within 10 days i'd say. Poor Ozzy still had to have a borin setup with no levels for 3 weeks in total but hes fine now binkying everywhere
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    ok then next question i need to take him and his mrs to the vet do i cram them in one carrier or will they be ok in one each ? dont want them to fall out over a vets trip they only bonded last week

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    I would put them in seperate carriers as you dont want any further injuries but let them face each other.Sending vibes Slodges way

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    thanks for the help people now i just gotta get them in thier box's

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    what fun been off for 4 weeks with a broken ankle took bloody ages to get daisy in her carrier
    good news is vet said splodge most likely has a sprain keep an eye on him it should start to improve soon he had some pain killers and is as we speek trying to chew his way out of the cage to binky about

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