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Thread: hmmm, i could get too used to this

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    Default hmmm, i could get too used to this

    its fabby having diego running about with us, im really enjoying getting to know him properly and having him hopping around the house. he is very inquisitive but not interested in human contact, so im hoping to spend the time until spring getting him more used to me.
    im missing Dora like mad Just wish i couldve got to know them both more, i didnt even get 6 months with Dora

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    aw thats so awful.feel for you, well it's nice to know your bunny. i have to say i enjoy having the girls to myself but petal will be getting a bunny in May. think i'd get jealous if ted took her affections to a bun.
    Crown them and bestow hugs and kisses upon them.

    Binky free Ralph we shall never forget you.
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