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Thread: I don't beleive it ........

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    Default I don't beleive it ........

    Is anyone elses animals best buds i looked out of the window today to check on floppy in the run and what a sight one cat in the hutch, the other in a little hut and the rabbit sat there eating grass i went to let the cats in, floppy was in the cat house (which is his) he came out when i opened the door and they just walked past each other without a care in the world i know they get on well coz i've kept an eye on them but that just blew me away

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    Boris and Pepsi the hamster actually like each other quite a bit They'll even lick each other lol it's so sweet
    Mummy to Zoe the Ragdoll cat
    Binky free Boris and Bella. Always in my heart x



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