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    Default Baytrill Update

    Hi all..

    to summarise, Ralph has a bladder / UTI again

    we have managed to succesfully give him 1ml of baytrill by oral syring for the past two weeks. without fail.

    There is still some left in the bottle from the vet. Should I continue untill it runs out? i would say there is another few days left.

    It wont do any harm will it?

    I just want to make sure he has had as much as is needed before I get wee samples and take him back to the vet to see if it has cured him

    also is baytrill pretty good? im hoping it will have sorted his prob, he seems a lot livelier.. but his wee's are still milky / creamy!

    Is there anything bad about his diet, I've tried to cut out all excess calcium. It is mainly a 50/50 mix of science selective pellets and p@h pellets (he's a fussy ******) he gets a small pinch of each, twice a day (7.30am and 5.30pm) also timothy hay with herbs from p@h and normal timothy hay

    also some sprigs of mint / coriander and a small amount of cos lettuce or cabbage / greens

    and maybee the odd treat (naturals range from p@h)


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    i dont think it would hurt to use the baytril still...
    greens are very high in calcium and cos lettuce isnt good for buns either as it has a bad effect on buns..(cant remember what )
    ours have a low ish calcium diet.. romaine lettuce , broccoli,cauliflower.
    carrots,kale,greens very occasionally as they all have high calcium.
    there is a list on here somewhere that gives the values of calcium.
    science selective is the best for low calcium.

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    sorry my typo, I meant he has romaine lettuce, the dark reddy type.. not cos. Sorry, my bad.

    Fragile little things, rabbits arent they!

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    Default baytrill

    It wont harm him to use up the medicine. It is just an antibiotic to fight infection. It seems to be used for everything. If the vet said use it for 7 days and you have then it wont harm to stop it either. Winnie is on it at mo for his feet and she said use it for 7 days but the nurse said she had put a bit extra in so think im just going to continue till its finished.
    Hope buns all better and 'hoppy'



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