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Thread: What is Stasis? and what are the signs

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    Default What is Stasis? and what are the signs

    Hello I have noticed a lot of posts about Stasis, what is it and how do you know if your rabbit has it?

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    if your bunny doesnt rush to food like normal and refuses all the favourites or hasnt pooped or is having very tiny unusual poops like little rocks then id say thats stasis

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    What Causes GI Stasis?

    A rabbit's intestine can become static for a variety of reasons, including (1) stress, (2) dehydration, (3) pain from another underlying disorder or illness (such as gas, dental problems, infections, or urinary tract disorders) (4) an intestinal blockage or, (5) insufficient dietary crude fiber. Left untreated, the slowdown or complete cessation of normal intestinal movement (peristalsis) can result in a painful death, in a relatively short period of time. If your rabbit stops eating or producing feces for 12 hours or more, you should consider the condition an EMERGENCY. GET YOUR BUNNY TO A RABBIT-SAVVY VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY.

    How Can GI Stasis be detected?

    Symptoms of GI stasis include very small (or no) fecal pellets, sometimes clinging to the bunny's bottom. In some cases, very small fecal pellets will be encased in clear or yellowish mucus. This potentially serious problem (enteritis, an inflammation of the intestinal lining) should be treated as an emergency.

    With GI stasis, the normal, quiet gurgling of the healthy intestine may be replaced either by very loud, violent gurgles (gas moving around painfully!) or silence. The bunny may become lethargic, have no appetite and may hunch in a ball, loudly crunching his teeth in pain.

    GI Stasis: The Silent Killer

    Ileus in the Domestic Rabbit

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    Default Oh!

    Ah what a shame, I hope mine never get it, I will keep my eye out now. Thanks



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