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Thread: My Shed... work in progress u/d 27th, u/d 4th finished :-)

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    That's really great work. Your ideas are similar to mine - I'm thinking about fixing up a 2nd level/shelf in my rabbit shed/hutch and I like your idea for the inner mesh doors, too. Got all sorts of ideas going round my head - should I stick an old cupboard inside and fix a platform on top or build a frame etc.

    I went to town on the inside of my guinea shed but the rabbit's house is a bit bare, bar one or two hidey houses inside.

    I think you've just inspired me.

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    Heyy, i love it and 6 x 4 is great. Dont want to sound cheeky/nosy but how much did the shed cost you and how much do you think it will have cost by the time its finished.

    Id love a setup like this for my buns, just not a clue about prices/where to go to get the best deals etc.
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