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06-08-2007, 05:17 PM

I am trying to get my mum interested in fostering rabbits and was hoping some rescues could give me some advice.

We've kept animals for years and she really loves them. We've had our own cats and dogs as well as various strays and numerous wounded pigeons/hedgehogs/etc. Anyway, our last cat was pts about a month ago after struggling for many years with chronic renal failure. She managed to make it to 18, but was very weak in the last few weeks and it was painful for all of us to nurse her, and make the final decision. My mum is now adamant that she doesnt want another pet as she's had years of looking after them and it's too much of a long-term burden (both financially and emotionally). However, despite this she's absolutely fallen in love with my rabbits while we've been staying with her and is going to miss them terribly when we move out this week.

So I mentioned fostering to her and she sounded interested but was worried about how it would work. How long do foster carers look after the animals for? Can the shelters provide a hutch for the animals?

Any info would be great - particularly from rescues around the Coventry area.


kim 106
06-08-2007, 10:00 PM
im not arescue but i am fostering a bun called amber at the moment

i supply the hutch and run

hay foood ect and the rescue will cover any vets bills ect as for how long amber will bhere as long as it takes to re home her a week thats nearly up now or 6 munthsa i just dont know right now but shes a sweet little girl