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31-07-2007, 09:28 PM

If you look at the rabbit on the right under 'Smoke' and then the rabbit on the right under 'Otter' - they are the two rabbits we looked at when we decided that we wanted a lady friend for Smudge and we bought the 'Otter' coloured one - my O/H chose her because she was 5 cheaper than the Smoke one.:oops:

31-07-2007, 09:47 PM
Cos of their over fluffiness! ;) :lol: :lol: :lol:

31-07-2007, 09:48 PM
I didn't choose my rabbits - hadn't even seen them at the point where I agreed to take them in! :lol:

31-07-2007, 09:53 PM
Well let me see. I picked Zakura out since I loved her colouring. Out of a litter of 5 she was the only one who had the exact same colouring as her mom (chestnut aguti) and according to the owner, this was the first time that female had produced such a kit (and the last.:rolleyes: She had a broken chestnut aguti later she never had another full-coloured one, probably since she was only bred to Zakura's father once)

Sasuke I got since my mom "forced" me to get a rabbit from my school if I wanted another rabbit at all:roll: Originally I wanted a castor rex female, but of course Sasuke's mom (who is in fact Castor) got 5 blacks and an aguti blue:roll: The blue doe was sold very early on so when I was allowed a second rabbit, all they had left was 2 black bucks from the first litter and one black and one dalmatian buck from the second (there were two females who gave birth within a month's time. They were mother and daughter so Sasuke is the "uncle" to the younger litter) I don't really fancy dalmatians, besides the school planned on keeping that one, so I picked one of the older black rabbits.
There were several reasons why I picked the older ones instead of the one-month-younger ones (Sasuke was 3 months, the other 2 were 2 months)
One was by a tip from my friend, that seeing as the younger litter's parents were both dalmatians, they had higher risks of getting white hairs in their fur (takes points of shows) the other was that Sasuke was older, and would therefore be able to go into Rabbit Jumping contests sooner. It was just before summer so if I picked the younger ones I would have had to wait untill authour before I could start.

For Aroma, I had wanted a brown sable rex for ages, but they weren't easy to come by.
Once I had gotten permission to buy a third rabbit, I asked on a norwegian rabbit forum if anyone had one. I heard it was hard to find rexes of that colour in my area, but luckily one breeder had some.
She had one brown sable which was so dark it was almost black, I wasn't really all too keen on a doe which would look almost identical to my buck but she also suggested buying her sister, which was also sable but not brown.
I went back and forth for weeks, wondering of which one to pick, I eventually chose the second rabbit. The next day I got horrible news.
The kit I picked out was dead:cry: And the rest of the litter were also looking poorly, shortly after the brown sable died as well.
I was assigned to an older doe, which the breeder decided to keep for a while longer since she was a little skinny. After waiting for weeks and weeks for that one, I was contacted a third time. I got the news I had been fearing. This kit had also died. Third one from the same breeder.
Although I was rahter devastated the next day I put up an add on the forum again, and got two replies very quickly. One had castor rexes, the other the bunny I had been looking for, brown sable.
Unfortunately both were living very far away, then my friend (the same one who had adviced me to buy Sasuke over his nephew) contacted me and told about another breeder in my area who coincidentally was getting a rabbit from the same rabbitry.
I contacted her, and asked if she had room for an extra rabbit. No problem:D
Even more unbearable waiting afterwards I finally got my baby :D

Aroma is the only rabbit I've got who wasn't born at school. That has it's logical reasons even though they have gorgeous rexes (I've already fallen in love with quite a few kits there...) but I wanted a doe for breeding (and I don't want to be told of about that again, I HAVE thought this trough, a lot, and don't lack experience), preferably sable as Sasuke's father was sable.
The school has (or at least had before summer break:roll: ) 5 rexes. 2 does and 3 bucks.
The odler doe is Revenge, Sasuke's mother, the younger one is Revenge's daughter and Sasuke's half-sister Astica.
Then there's Sasuke's half-brother from a later litter, Black Beauty, and the the very same dalmatian buck I turned down before getting Sasuke, Astica's son Idefix. All in all the only rex we had that ISN'T related to Sasuke in any way is Asterix, a dalmatian buck. So needless to say all kits born at school will be related to Sasuke in one way or another:roll: +As Asterix is our most used breeding male (the only one actually as the other two are related to both the does) most of the kits are dalmatians, and as mentioned I don't like Dalmatians:lol:

Whoa this was a long post:lol: Wonder if anyone will bother reading:roll:

March Hare
31-07-2007, 09:54 PM
I think that most of my rabbits chose ME!:lol: I have three Dutch because I just LOOOOOOOOVE them SO much! And three Giants (2 French Lops and one Continental Giant) because I also ADORE big buns, and they have SUCH fantastic personalities! Several of them I rescued from appalling circumstances, or had given to me because their previous owners just couldn't be bothered with them any more. A couple my husband brought home to me......he really DOES know the way to my heart!!!!!:D And a couple I adopted from Eastbourne rescue (a bonded pair, mother and daughter, Dutch X's) as I absolutely fell totally in LOVE with them the moment I saw them!!!!!:D :D

Cardcaptor Stacey
31-07-2007, 09:55 PM
I usually fall in love with the personalities. I only chose 3 of the 7 I had.

Not choose
My lionhead gave birth to 2 baby lionheads
My mini rex was the last one at the breeders
My harlequin was my cousin's

My palomino was adopted from the RSPCA
My lionhead and a first rabbit were chosen from the pet shop

31-07-2007, 09:56 PM
I picked marsha because i love black rabbits...

it was a lucky guess as i wanted two ladybuns...

I didn't choose lilly, she chose me, i stuck my hand in and she came to me... i have to admit... i went to a pet shop but im so pleased with my two, and i wouldn't change them for the world x

31-07-2007, 10:26 PM
I seem to go for the very naughty or very nervous ones (and mostly the ones that have expensive vets bills as well!) Also I love lops. Paula and Trevor I didn't pick as they are fosters, but they have super personalities and are both very handsome too, and Paula could eat for Britain if we let her. I've never known a bunny enjoy their food as much as she does, she's so sweet, she'll chase you down the garden for a strawberry or a few bran flakes! :D

31-07-2007, 10:33 PM
I got Benny and Pepsi because Cheryl said they'd been in rescue ages due to their 'boring' brown colour, and also kindly offered to deliver them to me as I had no car - they are/were the sweetest natured little bunnies! :D

My 5 girls were a group I'd admired for months on the rehoming pages here, but it wasn't till Pepsi suddenly died and I had an empty shed and a very sad heart, that I found room for them! I loved them as all my favourite colours were in one group, and I liked the idea of a big group too - they are lovely girls and so nice to watch interracting together, although Maa's seperate now :)

Tia my nethie's not on my sig now as she sadly and suddenly dropped dead at Christmas :( I chose her because Benny wouldn't bond with the 5 girls, and I'd always had in my mind that I wanted a nethie - so when Angie posted her sooooo sad story here I knew she was the one for me - and I didn't even know what colour she was! She was so sweet :)

georgie clover 'n' me
31-07-2007, 10:36 PM
Well we were in a butchers of all places and one of the girls working there said do you want a rabbit? So both me and my sister got one we both chose black so that they matched :D

I got Georgie because I wanted to breed lops but then learnt (and it is a good thing I did) that lops have to have their first litter before a certain age and I didn't want to risk losing my darling Georgie or the kits

Esther x

31-07-2007, 10:41 PM
I chose Buu because she was being pushed round a garden center in a trolly by some kids :shock: :roll: And she was beautiful ;)

I didnt know anything about Trip or Scarlett when I said I would have them.

And Beau because he looked like such a lovely bunny, and was so skinny I just wanted to feed him :shock:

31-07-2007, 11:26 PM
The only one of my buns who I set out with any set Idea of who I wanted was Marley.....I wanted a Dutch buck and he was being bullied by his brother in a pet shop, hence his ripped ear :cry: and why I felt the need to rescue him.

01-08-2007, 10:19 AM
This is going to be complicated...

Of the bunnies I currently have, this is why I have them (not sure I'd say I 'chose' them exactly):

Smokey and her daughter Abby were from a rescue as companions for my widowed buck.

Winston came as a companion for my beloved Sh*tty who recently passed away.

Crunchie was from my local Freecycle, and I didn't even see her before I agreed to have her.

Flapjack and Honey (or Beastor and Ferris Wheel as they've been renamed by my O/H :roll: ) and their offspring were unwanted pets. Again I didn't see them before I agreed to have them.

As Forrest Gump would (probably not) say...'Bunnies are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get' :lol: :lol:

01-08-2007, 10:26 AM
I didn't, I'd been nagging and whinging about wanting one and my bf had said no way then arrived home earlier than expected on valentines day with a big bunch of flowers, I went to greet him and he told me to be quiet and pointed to a carboard pet carrier. I fell for him instantly. The best present ever. :D

01-08-2007, 10:41 AM
I didn't choose mine. I got Inky because a friend who helped at the rescue centre recommended me, I was looking for a bunny and they had this tiny Dutch Dwarf cross that needed a home. I had already said I would have him but I just fell in love with him the moment I saw him!

I got Smokey because Inky needed a girlfriend(his partner had just died) and her partner had just died. They just loved eachother from the first. I remember going to pick Smokey up and she ran over to me to be fussed, it was like she knew I was her new mum.

Thea & Bobbin
01-08-2007, 10:57 AM
I chose Bobbin for his colouring, and those floppy ears of course!! :D

01-08-2007, 10:59 AM
OK, here goes....

Bunny....not chosen, he was a private 'rescue' (previous owner - my sister couldnt keep him due to moving home, and the 'friend' who had promised to care for him hadn't)

Flossie....chosen (from a pet shop) as a partner for Bunny, I knew he needed company, and as RSPCA wouldn't rehome to me as I had young children (no home check, just a straight NO) and I didn't know about rescues. There was no real special thing I looked for, she just looked lovely and very confident, which I needed as Bunny was very timid.

Daisy, Maisie and Taz........not chosen, they were free ads bunnies (Mum Daisy and 2/3 week old babies). Collected from Cleethorpes.

Trinny....chosen because I saw her pic on RR and fell in love. Thanks to Donna ARC for letting me have her :D

Smokie....chosen by Trinny :lol: :lol: :lol: She wasn't accepted in the group and so Jill (Honeybunny) came to my house to do a bunny blind date, Smokie was the winner :D :D

01-08-2007, 11:27 AM
I chose Bobbin for his colouring, and those floppy ears of course!! :D

He is stunning, I love the pics that you have of him

Jazzy B Bunny
01-08-2007, 11:35 AM
I got Jazz from my mums friend, he chose me I was going to get his sister but he kind of chose me, by licking my hand :lol: so thats why I have him. I chose Gizmo becsuse he was suposed to be a dutch but he and his brother were grey, Gizmo has a white nose and a white foot the rest of him is grey so thats why I chose him because he is unique:)

I love my boys :D

Thea & Bobbin
01-08-2007, 11:35 AM
He is stunning, I love the pics that you have of him

Aww thanks, he's becoming quite the poser!

I got Bobbin from a breeder, if I had previously know about rescues I would have most certainly adopted a bun from one, I did alot of reseach between choosing him and taking him home and it was during this time that I found out about rescues, by which point it was too late and I was already in love :D and I now have Bobbin and wouldn't change him for the world. In the future if I wanted more I would definately adopt :D

01-08-2007, 01:10 PM
I choose Dillon at the breeders (:oops: :oops: :oops: before I found RU). The breeder said he wasn't show quality because of his little white spot on his nose,but I didn't care, he was gorgeous! He was the first baby to come forward and see me!

Both Dillon and I choose Pippa from a rescue centre. She's quite timid and placid which made me think she would get on well with Dillon who can be a bit forward and cheeky! Luckily it was a match made in heaven!

Thea & Bobbin
01-08-2007, 01:30 PM
I choose Dillon at the breeders (:oops: :oops: :oops: before I found RU). The breeder said he wasn't show quality because of his little white spot on his nose,but I didn't care, he was gorgeous! He was the first baby to come forward and see me!

Both Dillon and I choose Pippa from a rescue centre. She's quite timid and placid which made me think she would get on well with Dillon who can be a bit forward and cheeky! Luckily it was a match made in heaven!

That's what they said about Bobbin "He's a broken butterfly and therefore is un-showable"

Right I thought, that's settled it! :lol:

01-08-2007, 01:43 PM
We saw Bertie when we were looking for a cage. He'd been left outside Pampurred pets the day before, and they had him running free in the store room, I caught a glimpse of him, and sneaked in there to see him.

Apart from being beautiful to look at, he looked quite frightened. The manager there let me hold him, and said he'd bite me, which he didn't, he completely relaxed and snuggled into my arm, and that was that!

The manager was going to take him home with her if he wasen't taken.
They didn't take any money for him, so I gave a donation to the rescue that they support, and brought him home.

He's become a part of the family, and I can't imagine not having him around now. He is still quite a nervous bun, but can be incredibly affectionate in his own bunny way!

He's going on holiday for 2 weeks today, and I feel really strange and upset about it, although he's going to the best place.

Good thread; it's interesting to read what it is that makes us choose. :D

01-08-2007, 01:47 PM
Because it was to be my first rabbits ever, so when we went to the rescue I picked some middle aged ones that weren't overly nervous/mistreated etc so that I had a chance to get into the whole rabbit thing. Now I am in a much better position to get nervous ones etc as I understand rabbits so much more through experience.

Plus Ozzie had such a strong aura of being cheeky. And he is!:rolleyes: :D

01-08-2007, 01:51 PM
That's what they said about Bobbin "He's a broken butterfly and therefore is un-showable"

Right I thought, that's settled it! :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh bless, we have rejects, but we luv em!

Crystal butterfly
01-08-2007, 01:54 PM
what can i say Crystal chose me :D i had 2 Guinea Pigs called Patch and Cody at the time and i went to the petshop for some food etc. i had a look at the animals like i always did and in this one pen there were 2 rabbits a cute little white rabbit with a grey nose and her sister a white rabbit with 3 brown spots on her head. i begged my mum for the rabbit with the 3 brown spots and just as the pet shop assistant went to put the bun in the box the little white bun looked at me with the cutet little eyes ever and i instantly changed my mind! and i do not regret it Crystal is the bestest bun ever and i wouldnt trade her for the world! our bond is unbreakable :love:

i got Honey from a neighbour whos rabbit had an accidental litter and she found homes for all the babies except for Honey and was saying how she didnt have room to keep her etc. so i took her (i have never looked back on that decision)

Simba, Lill-Mai and Misty were all free ad bunnies i love them all to pieces :love:

01-08-2007, 02:16 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh bless, we have rejects, but we luv em!

Show rejects are the cutest buns:D I've seen so many adorable buns with white spots here and there, which would get zero on a show anyday, a bit sad really.... the rabbit may well have a perfect body-type and colouring otherwise. But they're so cute:D

01-08-2007, 02:34 PM
Show rejects are the cutest buns:D I've seen so many adorable buns with white spots here and there, which would get zero on a show anyday, a bit sad really.... the rabbit may well have a perfect body-type and colouring otherwise. But they're so cute:D

Exactly, his little white spot on the end of his nose is what I loved about him, its his cutest feature! :love:

01-08-2007, 03:13 PM
Casper: he was my very first rabbit that we saw in Petsmart (as it was called at the time) :oops: almost 9 years ago. He was a beautiful white blue eyed baby lop. We went home, couldn't stop thinking about him and went back the next day to get him. He only lived three days as he was already very ill when we got him. But it was him that introduced us to rabbits... and the result are lots more bunnies since him.

Benji: hubby went to find another baby bunny for me and saw one in a different pet shop (which was recommended to us at the time... ). He saw Benji, a brown baby lop. I went to see him and after a day or so decided to have him. Benji is still with us at almost 9 years old.

Pippa: I got her as a partner for Benji. I like black animals, so loved her when I saw this little black lop. She too is still with us at 8 years old... she has just had a major operation on both her ears to remove abscesses.

Sunny: another pet shop bunny that we saw and just totally fell in love with this odd looking (head too small for body) magpie coloured lop. Hubby didn't want any more bunnies and said that two were enough. But when he saw Sunny, he couldn't resist either! He must be one of the most expensive bunnies around as he has had so much vet treatment, the latest being an ear operation to remove an abscess at 7 years old.

Toby (RIP): we got him as a companion for Sunny at the same time. (It never worked out as they were fighting after they were neutered). He was a beautiful harlequin lop. Unfortunately he died at 2 1/2 years old, I still miss him loads. Sunny and Toby were the last bunnies I ever bought from a pet shop. That's seven years ago.

Charlie: I wanted to get a mate for Toby and I found about rescue rabbits. So I went looking for a lionhead (quite rare at the time) and was referred to GBH in Beckenham. That's how I got my first rescue bunny and my first lionhead too. Unfortunately, Toby died before I managed to bond them. I bonded her with Apollo and then Magic later on. Charlie is now 6 1/2 years old.

Apollo (RIP): Furry Friends told me about a couple of British Giants looking for homes. As I had always wanted a large bunny, I agreed to adopt Apollo as a mate for Charlie. They lived very happily together until unfortunately Apollo sadly died very unexpectedly at 2 1/2 year old... I still miss him loads. He was a fantastic bunny.

Magic: I wanted a mate for Charlie after her first mate Apollo died and went to see Jacky at GBH. She had a litter of lionhead lops in and I fell in love with Magic, eventhough I didn't want a long-haired bunny. I am lucky, his coat needs hardly any care eventhough it is quite long. He is almost 3 years old now.

Angel: Furry Friends Rescue mentioned a litter of half wild bunnies on a differerent forum. I decided that I could have one more and adopted one of the babies. Angel is now almost 4 years old.

Alaska: When GBR posted pictures of a litter of white lionheads, I just had to have one. I always wanted a white lionhead. So we went to Nottinhamshire to pick him up. Alaska is now just over a year old.

Lancelot (RIP): After Apollo died I wanted another giant, and it was fate that shortly after a Continental Giant x French Lop litter was looking for a home. Unfortuantely, Lancer didn't make it to old age either and left us at just over 1 year old! He too was such a fab bunny.

Star (RIP): my friend, who runs a pet shop, got a small wild bunny in. I agreed to adopt her, but a few days afterward I realised she had myxi. We tried to fight it, but she was too young and small to defeat this horrible disease. She was such a cute little girl.

Dakota: I wanted to get a mate for Lancelot and I wanted another giant as I just love them so much. GBH had this beautiful white French Lop girl in, that wasn't white at all but yellow from urine stain. She was very skinny and shy. I adopted her and she turned into the most beautiful and friendly bunny. Unfortunately Lancer died before Dakota could be bonded to him... She is now in the process of being bonded with a new baby bunny called Thomas.

Trystane: When Lancer died, I wanted another giant to bond with Dakota. It was fate that another rescue had a litter of Continental Giants x French Lops in. I got this beautiful agouti baby boy. Only, it wasn't a boy, but a girl as I found out later... So my bonding plans shattered once more...

River: As Trystane turned out to be a girl, I wanted a mate for Dakota once she was neutered. I checked the GBH bunnies online of RR, and I saw this most beautiful silver grey earless baby boy on there. He is an Argente Champage that had his ears chewed off as a baby. I fell in love with his picture and even more once I saw him. He joined us a few weeks ago and has settled in well. In the process of being bonded with Trystane.

Thomas: chosen as a mate for Dakota, I saw his picture on RR and got him from GBH too. He is gorgeous. Smaller than I orginally thought, but beautiful nonetheless. Also in the process of being bonded with Dakota.

01-08-2007, 07:16 PM
right, i chose sparkle, the white albino lop because (this is gunna sound wierd) i had a guinea pig that i loved for years but passed away and he was white with red eyes, ( called casper) so i just fell in love with sparkle and how cute he is, i got told he was a dwarf, but now hes grown a bit i think otherwise lol.

and buttons, because shes soo good looking and with that fluffy mane who could resist her and shes sooo naughty and full of life.

oooo and i now have a new addition, will post piccies up soon, the names toffee in a seperate cage obvcourse! lol as hes a loving but very nervouse guinea pig, i couldnt leave him in the petshop as he was in a small ish cage inside with a litter of lionhead rabbits and i felt so sorry for him!

sophie x x xx

01-08-2007, 07:30 PM
I didn't choose either of my first two rabbits: Vincent was a children's pet, I was asked if I would take him as he was 'too aggressive' for the children. To date he is the only one of my rabbits that ever licked me, he was such a softie :lol:

A few days after we lost Vincent, I had a phone call asking if I wanted the last rabbit from an unplanned litter, as no one else wanted to take her. I agreed without even seeing her: that was Jen :love:

I fell in love with Harley after reading his story on another forum, and then with his gentle, sweet nature when I actually met him. He had suffered so much in his life and yet he was so, so, friendly. I'm probably not supposed to think this, but to date, he has been my favourite of all of my rabbits :oops: (don't tell the others though!)

My OH and I collected Frankie from Elaine on NY's day. He was terrified in the car and was very skittish, but such a pretty colour and I loved his chubby little face :lol: I half heartedly joked on the way back that we should keep him, but I already had two bunnies (Jen and Harley) and didn't want another pair at that stage. Then, months later we lost Harley and Frankie was still in rescue, looking for his forever home... I thought it was fate! :love:

01-08-2007, 07:49 PM
Well with Nunzeo (I got him from pah) He was hidden under some other buns, and all I could see was his little black bun sticking out, and decided that I wanted him, as I really like black animals.

And Abbey was kind of forced on me from the rescue center, as I said I didn't mind what it looked like as long as it made Nunz happy. I think she'd been stuck there for ages and no-one wanted her cuz shes a REW.

I've been told by many people that I have the most boring coloured rabbits ever, I dont think so though!!!

Thea & Bobbin
02-08-2007, 03:05 PM
I've been told by many people that I have the most boring coloured rabbits ever, I dont think so though!!!

Aww I'm sure they're not boring! I want to see them now... have you posted any pics of them?

02-08-2007, 03:17 PM
jack was a present from a friend. we had seen the rabbits at the kent show one year and she got 2 for herself and said that i could have 1 as a birthday gift. picked jack because of his colour and makings. brandy we got from the same breeder picked her because she looked like a little wild bunny and she had a white stripe on her head like jack has

02-08-2007, 04:18 PM
Smirnoff was a fluffy lionhead that had been returned to the petshop for aggression twice:roll:

Joey & Chocolate were picked by my Ex

Caramel Bridge bun - cos I wanted a harlequin dwarf lop:oops:

Alfie - saw his pic on RIN & fell in love
Same with Flint & Polly

Rosie was my first Rescue foster, & never left:oops:

I think all the others were free ads, given to me or fosters that stayed:D

02-08-2007, 05:16 PM
Raffles - He was in petshop for sooooooooo many months and every time I went in, he would hop up to me and after much persuading at home, I got him, he is an albino mini Lop and I love him to bits, despite his attempts to destroy my clothes!!
Molly (R.I.P) My friend got her and couldn't look after her, so I got her, her and Raff bonded there and then!! She was a beautiful Cashmere Lop and a lovely girl!
Sophie and Sascha (R.I.P) Another friend got me these for Easter! Two very sweet and comical albino Netherlands.
Dylan (R.I.P) This poor soul, was abused and unwanted by previous owners, she was very problematic, even after being speyed! I learnt to let her do her own thing and absolutley adored her! She was a black and white Dutch.
Bonnie-Blossom (R.I.P) She came to me on foster, for a friend, and ended up keeping her!!:oops: She was a white and grey Lionhead.
Blueberry Pie (R.I.P) My friends intended bond partner for Bonnie, that she let me have too!! A wonderful Lilac Satin, who was dogged by teeth problems all his short life!:cry:
Flint and Smudge (R.I.P) If you read my thread on Rainbow Bridge, you will see how I got them away from horrible circumstances, Flint was a gorgeous black and white English and Smudge a brown Nethie mix. Sadly our time together was too short!:cry:
Chester- I got him from a petshop:oops: :oops: Love at first sight... He is a wonderful chocolate English.
Perdita (R.I.P) Unwanted by previous owners and given back to the petshop, my Dad bought her for me, to save her having the same fate bestowed on her! She was a lovely black and white Lionhead!
Dottie (R.I.P) My friend rescued her from a breeder, who said she was surplas to requirements! She bonded with Chester, she was a black and white English X, sadly our time together was too short!:cry:
Zak (R.I.P) The petshop couldn't sell him and asked if I would have him, as they threatened him with a wrung neck!:evil: :censored: An absolute poppet, he was a grey Dutch, he sadly died of muscle wasting disease!:cry:
Sadie - I saw her in the petshop and fell in love with her:oops: :oops: She is a Satin, unsure of what you would call her colour...
Troy (R.I.P) I got him from a guinea pig rescue! He was an angel, my first Rex, he was black and white Dalmatian. But he got lung cancer..:cry:
Isabelle - She was being rehomed by a breeder, so as I wanted another Rex, I adopted her, she is shy, but getting there.. she is a Blue Rex
Pixie-Boo- She had been bought for a child and the child got bored!!:censored: :evil: So I got her... she is a Dwarf Lop X and a MINX!!:lol: :lol:

02-08-2007, 05:26 PM
Effie and Jess cos they were cute fluffy babies at a farm

Ginger and Shadow from the RSPCA cos I loved Gingers colour

Jacob from the RSPCA cos he bit me

Flopsy from a rescue cos I wanted a white bun

Charlie was left with me cos his owners had rats

Sam (RIP) and Cindy from honeybunnies, cos they were toothy buns

Max was from RR cos he fell out with his mate

The four Beatles cos I din't want to see them seperated and knew I could keep them as a four

Thumper cos he lost his mate and they didn't want another bun

Squirrel cos of a change in circumstances

Shayla cos the RSPCA said she was easy going and I thought she'd get on with Max


Tammy cos she's a mardy mare

02-08-2007, 05:51 PM
I didn't choose Poppy, she belonge to a friend who was dfesperate to get rid so i took her on. she's a lovely fudgey coloured rex though, very handsome.

i went to the animal shelter looking for a gentlman friend for poppy and found a gorgeous black rabbit the size of a cat who was all over me for cuddlkes the moment I got in its run, this turned out to be Sorrel who I wasnt allowed to bond with Poppy due to them both being female. but she had such a nice temperament, and i felt sorry for her having been at the shelter for 7 months because apparently no one will adopt black animals (!?) that i got a separate hutch and took her home anyway. :D

02-08-2007, 06:42 PM
Nellie and Poppet came first from our local RSPCA and we sort of wanted "one each" and they were the only pair they had...it wasn't a difficult decision!

Elvis perfectly fitted the name I already had for him, he'd had a rough start (2 homes in 18 months) and got along with our existing duo straight away!

Florence happened after we went to a breeder about a giant (couldn't find a rescue one at the time). We went home to think it over when the breeder rang back offering Florence because she wasn't show quality.

Kitty was another specific "want". We wanted a French Lop and Kitty was ours the minute we saw her!

Rita and Colleen came together from Bunnyhops because we responded to Kay having a rex and decided on a dutch as well.

BooBoo happened when our local RSPCA phoned asking if we'd be interested in another giant. We initially declined but went and saw her the next day and reserved her on the spot!

Dylan chose us! On the three occasions we went to see BooBoo before picking her up she showed no interest but the dwarf lop in the next pen made us very aware of him!

Jaynie was entirely down to Snowy on the forum highlighting her to us. Maria saw sense eventually and the rest is history!

Stanley chose himself when Maria held him at Jill's on the way back from picking up Jaynie!


02-08-2007, 08:03 PM
I went to the petshop for supplies and came back with Monty. I'd wanted a rex for about a year. The most gorgeous rabbit I had ever seen. 6 years ago rexes weren't as common as they are now and I was in awe! :lol: Originally I had wanted a castor and when I found Dex I had to have him too. Out of a group of about five I choose him because he was the most bold.

I got Jessie, Inca and Fraggle all from the same rescue centre. I wanted does to bond with my males, didn't care what they looked like. When there I met and fell in love with Jessie but had no reason to take another buck who would then be on his own. Six weeks later one of my bucks died of old age and Inca was left alone. I rang the rescue to ask if Jess was still needing a home and he was...

Liquorice was unwanted breeders stock. I got her through a friend.

I wanted a giant and through word of mouth found a breeder who rang me and told me he had a British giant of 8 weeks for sale. I hadn't even seen him but said I'd have him there and then. Same thing with Rubes - the lady just had the one so I said yes then went to collect her hehe.

02-08-2007, 08:08 PM
Female lionhead - Saw her in a petshop and fell in love :oops:
Male lionhead - Needed a friend for my girly and a friend knew of someone who wanted rid of their male lionhead, i didnt know what he looked like when i agreed to take him on and he was in a right state :cry:
Male frenchie - Just because i really really really wanted a frenchie housebun
So i have a pet shop a rescue and a breeder bun :)

03-08-2007, 05:57 PM
I didn't exactly choose my two.... they were my first attempt at fostering and I fell in love with them so they stayed. They've been here 9 months now and I wouldn't be without them!

03-08-2007, 06:10 PM
teegra i chose because he loked like a tiger :oops: :lol: i was undecided between him and a super fluffy b&w lionhead, i decided as i was an unexperienced bunny owner it would be better to go with the short coated one. duchess it was sort of love at first sight. i was given the link to this forum and the first topic i looked at was duchess in RIN, i ws looking for a gf for teegs at the time and she was just stunning :love: