View Full Version : Adding a run to a cage?

07-07-2007, 05:47 PM
I've been asking about DIY runs, as I can't really afford to buy a nice one, but was wondering if anyone had made one that they had added to their hutch. We've got a hutch roughly 5 x 2 x 1.5/2 (a very rough guess... measured with my hands :oops: ), and is about 2 feet off the ground. Though we get Dustbunny out daily, with the possible addition of a new girlfriend I'd like to add a bit of room. It opens on the top and side, so I was thinking about having a ramp (covered so they/he couldn't fall and hurt themselves) down to the ground, and maybe a 5x5 pen that they (?) could romp around in. Has anyone done something similar before? or is my plan just a load of rubbish :shock: ???