View Full Version : Update on Chaos and Aether the foster buns

03-07-2007, 10:21 AM
So I took them off to the vet this morning to get poor little Chaos' teeth sorted out, but it turns out they also had a cancellation for surgery so Chaos will be getting neutered today at the same time as his dental, yay!

I was worried about this because I'm scared they'll start fighting so this is a relief.

So it looks like I'll be taking the whole day off of work [never mind, eh!]. I am worried but Chaos is a good weight [1.4kg even though he's a nethie/lionhead cross with bad teeth, slightly underweight and is *allegedly* 12 weeks old though I don't believe that anymore!] and I trust my vet implicitly. He's also going to look at Aether's molars to make sure they're ok.

Fingers crossed for little Chaos please and hope when he comes home tonight that he'll be enjoying a lovely feast :)

Edit: Just got a call from the vets to say Aether's teeth are fine and that they can actually neuter him today [I thought his bits were too small but I trust my vet's judgement!].

So yay again, they'll both be fixed by this evening :D