View Full Version : My stroppy little madam!!!

30-05-2007, 02:26 PM
You just have to love my rabbit Lilly she does make me chuckle bless her! She is at that 'stroppy teenager' age. At 15 weeks old she is a bit too young to be spayed, although we are going to the vets friday for a check up as she is a very good weight they may consider doing it slightly earlier.

She is such a stroppy madam at the moment and is trying so hard to fight it as she has a darling personality and a heart of gold and is so loving! She has become quite cage territorial so I never push it and shove my hand in her hutch I always wait til she comes to me.

It is a miserable day so she cant really come out for her usual run so I thought i'd bring her indoors onto the couch for some fuss. I always put a fleece down to protect my couch from any accidents as she is not yet fully litter trained.

She is funny she keeps digging and pulling at the fleece trying to get under it and I keep gently saying 'no' and putting it back. Well, she furiously grunts and wags her tail at me until she is pacified by nose rubs and ear strokes, she just can't resist them she is such a snuggle bun! As soon as I stop stroking her she is back to her digging and pulling! She has so many toys, hay, veggies etc yet she is insists on doing the one thing I don't want her to do!

Has anyone else got a stroppy bunny!:lol:

30-05-2007, 04:19 PM
Oh yes! My Gracie is a little madam at the moment - digging and chewing EVERYTHING!! :shock: :lol:

She's now taken to pawing at my bedroom door in a morning until i wake up, let her in the front room, put the telly and the fire on! :roll: This has been at 5.30 every morning this week! argh!

Once madam has everything she needs she then snuggles next to me and goes back to sleep while i watch re-runs of neighbours on UKTV Gold! :lol:

Bless her though! she's going in for her spay in 2 weeks so i cant wait!

30-05-2007, 04:30 PM
my Frida is stroppiness personified despite being speyed in january

if she doesnt get her own way she grunts and charges - my mum is petrified of her :lol: i just find it endearing as she will come to me for a cuddle and deep down she is probably my most vulnerable bunster

when she's in a bit of a mood, if you try to hand her veg to her she lunges and knocks it out of your hands then grabs it and runs off with it :lol:

30-05-2007, 04:34 PM
Bertie is a right grumpy pants. he kept climbing up on the sofa between me and hubby last night and then nipping my leg. Each time I put him back on the floor he would get straight back up and start digging and biting at the sofa!! He often has his tantrums, but I can't help loving him for it :roll: