View Full Version : Eva, Stitch and Scralett the love triangle!

18-05-2007, 09:40 AM
Ok guys im a bit stuck here, after Eva was spayed i put her back with Scarlett and Stitch and all seemed fine, Eva has been loosing weight since she went back and it wasn't down to anything medical. We finally figured out what was happening about 2 days ago as Ali sat and watched them for about 6 hours! Scarlett and Eva are all loved up again and Scarlett and Stitch are all loved up but Stitch and Eva are not! Stitch is a quater of the size of Eva but he keeps chasing her away from the food, theres no actual fighting and no fur missing hence why it was a mistery, but Eva will dash from one end of the run to the other and avoid Stitch at all times. I've started feeding Eva on her own and standing over until she has finished a good prtion of pellets, but i don't want to do this for too long as i imagine the stress to Eva would be awful. My dilema is, do i persiver and hope that stitch and eva sort them sleves out as Eva and Scarlett love each other, or do i try and bond Eva with Pan and Arthur? Im really stuck!

Black Rabbit
19-05-2007, 03:57 PM
I would be patient and wait. It does sound good, except for the chasing, but I am sure it will get less within time.
Could you put two bowls of pellets in the run, so that Eva gets a chance to eat while Stitch sits at the other?