View Full Version : wat a weekend

22-04-2007, 10:57 PM
well i cam home friday and noticed oscars fur everywere, tunrs out him and jack had a suffle while i was out.....so i set the spare cage up and seperated them i checked them both no marks ileft them a while and ands let them out they wer fine for bout half hour then it started agen....,.
so moving on to saturday morning i let them out for a run see how they got on n they wer fine turnd my bk for 2 mins to turn the laptop on and i hurd a loud scream coming from oscar, so seperated them agen, gave oscar a cuddle n chekd him......iv been lettin them out for an hour at a time taking it in turns, iv noticed now that jack has gone from being litter to trained to weeing every wer possible its just such a shame because they wer gettin on so well, jack gets castrated on the 2nd s gunnna wait everal weeks and then maybe try bonding them agen...wat dya think