View Full Version : I miss my bunnies!! :o(

31-12-2006, 05:32 PM
Well I am now in Southampton and my little darlings are in boarding! I only left them at 4pm yesterday and I miss them terribly! :( I am so glad I left them where they are though and not at home with a friend. The facilities are GREAT and the couple who run the boarding (just for rabbits) are sooo lovely and know exactly what rabbits need (she has her own conservatory turned into a rabbit house for her bunnies!!!).

The bunnies looked very relaxed when I left, munching on the massive amount of hay she had put in their hutch and investigating. I can't wait to see them again but it's nice to know they will still be well cared for and spoilt whilst I am away.

Happy new year my darling bunnies (and everyone else!)

Thanks for letting me moan :D

Shiv xXXx

31-12-2006, 05:49 PM
Awww your bunnies seem to be in a lovely place :D I miss mine too when i go away,just glad its not that often.
Happy New Year.