View Full Version : Can anyone help some rabbits in Bristol?

26-10-2006, 12:00 PM
From another forum:

ive just been begged to help a lady with 10 buns , who need to be rehomed asap as she has to leave her home very quickly, i cant take 10 i havent got the room, no one eles locally can help , is there anyone who would like to rehome a few buns? they are all paired & between 6m & 2 yrs, i can take 5/6 but thats going to leave 5ish.
they are lops & hare x, males n females but all paired up, i will take them in as they have no where eles to go & no one (rescue) is offering any help, but i really will be full to the brim , having to use some outside hutches ect & thats not ideal
hellllllp alex

Its a pet home, not a breeder.

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if there are any hutches, i could foster for you if you like? but my finances are dire at the mo so i would need help with any vets bills :oops: