View Full Version : Introducing bunnies

24-10-2006, 10:25 PM
I tried to introduce the new baby to Splodge earlier and he reacted really strangely! I thought she might be a little young at 9 weeks but she's not that much smaller than him so i thought i'd try!

I guess I didn't introduce them on neutral ground, though Splodge has only been a house bunny for a week. He's also a big softie and scardy cat! The vet nurse said he's been shaking in the box all afternoon :( First of all he tried to crawl underneath her which I thought was good as he did that with Amy and Niamh but when i put her on the floor he got over excited and kept trying to hump her :shock: he's never done that before :shock: I pulled him off and though i better wait until the poor girl had settled in and grown up a bit before i try again!

what age do you think she should be before i try again bearing in mind she'll soon be much bigger than him? (this time on neutral ground!)