View Full Version : Abdominal x ray - Yes or No ?

18-10-2006, 09:19 AM
ok been having a few probs with Roo lately...as there have been a few episodes where he has seemed uncomfortable, quiet and having probs pooping, looking to strain a bit. I have treated him with infacol and within a few hours has been back to old self eating pooping normally. Yesterday morning he didn't seem right, and didn't come out for his morning run, thought oh no not again, wasn't interested in food and just didn't seem right ...gave infacol and called vet when i got into wk to make appointment for afternoon. Got back yesterday afternoon and he was fine again, so took to vets anyway.

Told her what I thought was the problem and that I had given infacol ( she hadn't heard of using that) she said everything felt right and could feel normal poos and gave me some probiotic for him. She said she wanted to get him in for abdominal x ray to rule out any other problems.

The dilemma, he seems ok again this morning (was throwing his bowl around the run at 6:45 this morning) so in some ways i think maybe I shouldn't stress him out by taking him back this week for x ray, he is a nervous bun, and does get stressed quite easily, so should I just wait and monitor him for any decline again. Eating and pooping normally and was binkying round the garden this morning.

What do you reckon to X ray or not to x ray?


18-10-2006, 10:01 AM
Alice has similar problems every so often where she has no desire to eat. Sometimes this can be solved with Infacol and a session of liquid feeding, but other times this doesn't work and she needs Metaclopromide to get her guts going again.

I would be interested to know what an x-ray could show (apart from gas or blockages). It sounds like your bun suffers from gassy episodes rather than blockages because the Infacol seems to work. Does he eat lots of hay? The vets put Alice's problems down to her not being able to eat it - she only has one tooth!

Please could you keep us posted what you decide to do? Maybe you could take bun to the vets for the x-ray next time this happens, rather than putting him through the stress now.


18-10-2006, 10:21 AM
Has a bladder problem been ruled out?
Sludgey wee or bladder stones cause episodes of tummy pain and inappetance.

I would continue to monitor him for now, noting quantity and quality of his poops!! Also see if his wee looks cloudy or feels gritty (yep, you'll need to run a finger through some of his wee :mrgreen: ) If he has another 'episode' then maybe look at what he has eaten. Any particular Veg causing problems (usual suspects include Brocolli, Cabbage and sometimes fruit).


18-10-2006, 10:29 AM
Doh typed response and then lost it..... so here goes again,

Thx Gemma,

Yeah I also thought it sounded more like a gassy epiosde rather than a blockage due to it clearing with the infacol (vet didn't know about giving infacol). Like yours roo doesn't eat that much hay...he'll eat dried grass if there is nothing else (I try to limit the pellets) but not a great deal. The vet said because he is on a good diet and has science selective that not eating hay shouldn't be a problem but i do disagree here with her here.

I agree with you about not taking him back for x ray unless he has another episode, don't really want to stress him un neccesarrily as I'm sure this doesn't help either.

Thanks for you reply, its good to get other peoples views on this.

18-10-2006, 10:33 AM
Thx Jane,

Yeah poops and wee looking pretty normal, although he does get quite a few squidgy poops at night, were quite a lot this morning but I think he does seem to get excess poops when a bit stressed out so could have been due to vets visit this morning.

I'm going to keep and eye on his litter tray for any changes.

Many Thx