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04-10-2006, 02:47 PM
has anyone managed to get a bunny who likes to move everything around litter trained? because alfie always moves his litter tray and then goes to the toilet in the space where the tray was, its not a big deal if i don't get him trainded as they are out side but it will make cleaning out easier. so does anyone have any tips?
and i was just wondering at what age is a rabbit fully grown? charlie is getting really big and heavy, definatly not a mini lop like we were told :roll: how can i tell how big she will get?

04-10-2006, 02:59 PM
I had the same problem with Effie and Jess. They are in one of those hutches over a run combo things, so in the end I drilled a hole through the litter tray and through the hutch floor and put a bolt through it so they couldn't move it. Bit drastic I know but it worked!! :) I think bunnies stop growing at about 6months old so by then you should know how big Charlie is going to be.

04-10-2006, 03:11 PM
yeah thet does sound a bit drastic :shock: how do you get it out to clean?
charlie was born on the 6th march so shes about 7 months,maybe she'll stop growing now then :?

04-10-2006, 03:19 PM
Another good trick is to buy those velcro pads from homebase, you know the hook and eye pads? I put those on the bottom of the litter tray and then the other bit on the bottom of the cage, it means they can't move it about but you can get it out to clean!

04-10-2006, 06:19 PM
My rabbits used to do the same thing, I also drilled a hold in the side of the litter tray (I have a high side corner one), and wired it to the wire mesh of the run (they chose a corner of the run to go in). It was quite easy to unwire them and clean them out. Eventually they got the idea, they still often move their litter trays, but still use them, so it's ok!

Good luck...