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24-06-2006, 12:26 PM
.. Deciding on another bunny. I dont even know if we are going to get one. Tilly is only aloud to live inside full time in the new house if she's on her own. I would have agreed, but then i think of her all day whilst were out - and it's just not fair by her to be lonely. I keep seeing these millions of bunnies needing homes, but I dont know how to pick the right one. I've never bothered before, Just gone to a rescue and chose the one that seemed right, and ive been so lucky. I want a friendly little boy whos not shy, and not bold - just perfect for Tilly, Does this bunny even exist? Yes, Charlie!! It seems that no bun is ever going to be right, Do i spend hours on here trawling for what 'might' be the right little guy? Or do i phone the lady i got Charlie from, and ask if she has one that 'Might' be the right one? I just dont know what to do, I'm going to try and persuade Mum to let two live indoors, I dont want Tilly outside, I want her in with me. We've stood by each other through everything - Why should i let her down just for the sake of a new bunny? I don't even know if I'm the bun mum i was a couple of months ago, Everythings so different. Of course I give Till everything i can, but a new bun is just the start of something different? Sorry for rambling, just need to let it out .. Becki Xx

24-06-2006, 12:37 PM
Finding the right bunny is the easy and fun part, you have tp get past the decision making part before you worry about that. If you are giving her love and attention, she is probably perfectly happy on her own.

24-06-2006, 12:54 PM
Well I think that you need to take your time in deciding.
Tilly gets a lot of attention as a House Rabbit.
Yes she will be on her own during the day but that is a Buns sleepy time.
I know its nice to see two Buns snuggled up all day but sometimes compromises have to be made.
If you are having doubts about taking on another Bun then wait a while longer.
If you do go ahead and Tilly becomes an outdoor Bun with her friend you may have to take a step back in your relationship with her so to speak. She will still love you and you her but she will also be bonded with a rabbit.
Maybe her not being quite so dependant on you for her psychological/emotional care might work better for you?
You can still have the joy of caring for Bunnies but have a bit more free-time too when you dont have to fret about Tilly being lonely.

As for chosing another Bun, I'd leave that decision to Tilly-May!! :wink: :D


24-06-2006, 01:16 PM
Best way to choose is to let her pick. That way you get a match she likes and you don't have to pick :)

You won't find another bun just like Charlie and you'll be disappointed if you go back to where he came from and try. You can find another bun with a wonderful personality though.

Snowflakes mummy
24-06-2006, 01:30 PM
I think Jane has said everything that needs to be said Becki.....
We know your a fanntastic super duper bunny mummy!!!
And tilly knows you love her with all your heart.....
You have to decide first whether you think tilly misses bunny company and whether you think its better for her to have a companion.... I am sure if there's 2 she wont mind sleeping outside.... they will keep each other warm and happy...
And I dont think she will love you any less!!! She may even love you more if thatss possible.