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13-05-2006, 03:29 PM
oh my gosh just had the fright of my life! sprout and tulip have been together most of the day and things were going fairly rosy. i was cleaning out the shed while they were pottering in the yard, keeping an eye on them i turned round for a second and then i couldnt see tulip. i thought hmmmm :? looked in all her hidey holes, nowhere to be seen and then my blood ran cold and panic set in when i heard many childrens cry of 'rabbit!' :shock: i've never gotten out of my garden so quick and the sight that beheld me was my petrified rabbit being chased all over the back lane, many children in tow and some charvs trying to get in on the action. i screamed at the top of my lungs 'dont chase that. you'll make it worse :evil: ' where upon all the children stopped in fright at the look on my face! 'is it yours?' was the next thing, yes i replied moodily. she was bolting all over the place and with a little patience i managed to herd her into the yard whilst the bigger kids blocked her exits. i then saw where she'd got out, a tiny gap in the gate which she tried to run back through and got stuck and panic set it. i got her out and she seems ok but frientened. now the kids know there are rabbits, i just hope to god they leave them alone!

on another note. tulip and sprout are now in the same side of the shed, ive put boo in the other side so they can all see each other to hopefully start bonding. this new lady next door has woke sprout up and he is very excited. he is taking his frustration out on tulip. there is lots of chasing and humping and my nerves are a wreck! shall i let them stick it out or seperate them before it gets worse? will it all calm down once they get used to the new neighbour being there?
aaagagghhhh i need a drink!

13-05-2006, 03:33 PM
Thank goodness you got her back, who knows what might have hapened if you hadn't!

I'd leave them together, just keep an eye on them, if they get any worse then separate them.

13-05-2006, 03:35 PM
OMG thank heavens they're ok!! At least once the kids knew it was yours they seemed to fall into line and help a bit.


13-05-2006, 03:48 PM
oh vicki you poor thing :shock: :shock:
i hope you and tulip have recovered from your fright!
i think you should definately have a drink or three :lol:

13-05-2006, 04:34 PM
both tulip and sprout have holes in there noses! tulip 2 and sprout one, i cant tell if they've done it to each other or if boo has done it through the devide, i think the latter as i saw her scrambling a lot and trying to lunge through. there was a little blood and ive cleaned them up and they seem to be very superficial.
ive put boo back in her section and seperated tulip and sprout back to their halves (still in view of one another as they have never attacked one another thrugh the devide) and im thoroughly dejected, sad and upset. i dont think i can handle any more bonding attempts :cry: :cry:

13-05-2006, 05:27 PM
Sounds like it was boo through the wire (they get more upset if they can see and almsot touch, but not together.)

So far it sounds as if they're bonding will work with a little more time, they haven't outright fought so that's good!
Boo may take a little longer, but when I first bonded my two buns they founght through the bars, and Petta was still very mean to Peter on neutral territory, but after a while and chucking them inot a large new hutch and run combo, they bonded. At first it didn't look like they would, but she was exessivly mounting him and pulling loads of fur out and harrassing him to the point the boy boy would run away, snort and thump as soon as she looked at him. But I kept them over night and they were fine and after a couple of days, they settled a little bit and I moved them indoors.

I did wonder if I did the right thing as they didn't look like they were bonding too well, but now they in luurrrve! :hearts: and no way would I seperate them now!
It just took a couple of months to happily settle. :D

13-05-2006, 08:24 PM
im hoping boo hasnt put a spanner in the works for tulip and sprout. they have been getting on so well. i dont want to give up on them because they seem like a good pairing. i will let them out together tommorrow again and see what happens. hopefully if i take out the devide and give them the whole 6' to be in there will be less drama.
i have been slowly bonding tulip and sprout for 2 weeks after she fully recovered from her bad fight with my other male. sprout stopped even trying to hump her after a few days and just got used to her being there next door, they've had access outside together every day during this time and i think that seeing boo just made him excited again. maybe if he can only see tulip it will go back to the way it was. fingers crossed :?

14-05-2006, 06:43 AM
Hi Vicki - I have had to put Molly next to Polly and Pip in there runs cos theres nowhere else to put her - caused quite a stir with P&P for a couple of days but they have settled down now - hope peace with reign again in your bunny household soon :D

14-05-2006, 09:12 AM
boo you are a naughty bunny!! do i have to come up there with my big stick?? (joke, i promise!).
vicki, you must be pulling your hair out by now, i'm sorry it isnt going as smoothly as planned :(
i think moving boo out of sight will probably be the safest thing, then if you do want to try and bond them again, do it outside away from the hutches.
i'm sure sprout and tulip will be just fine again very soon, but i also entirely understand how scared you must be at the thought of putting them back together.
after the big fight i had, i seperated the babes from mum and dad, now at cleaning out time birch often hops into the crate and has a nuzzle with the little ones and aspen is very often hanging around the crate, they are all so sweet, but i still cant quite pluck up the courage to leave them all together yet! i think that is my job for next weekend! (i'm 99.9% sure that it wasnt even birch who bit spindle, yet still i'm nervous :roll: )