View Full Version : Any Bunny Boarding In Northamptonshire??

11-05-2006, 04:01 PM
Does anybody bunny board/can recommend any good boarders in Northamptonshire?

I've tried ringing the number in RWF re boarding but can't get any reply so am going to have to email them.

I have looked at 2 places but only 1 of these came up to scratch - the other takes non-vaccinated buns & mixes them with vaccinated buns! Before I commit to my 1 choice I want to make sure that I've considered all options...have rang all of the local vets etc so have exhaused contacts, so if anyone knows anybody can they please let me know. :thumb: I'm kinda running out of time with a decision (especially as I'm panicking as it'll be his 1st time boarding & he's got a condition that can flare due to stress...) :cry: :cry: To be honest I'm even considering not going on holiday as I'm worried... :cry: :cry: I'm a silly bunny mummy aren't I??? :oops: