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05-05-2006, 08:02 PM
I got Milly on sunday and she is a VERY nervous bunny with quite a bad history. So to tame her I first tried the lying down on the floor with her and ignoring her. This had no effect. So plan B.

Tonight I started the "food training" plan. Basically I am hand feeding both bunnies all their dinner and breakfast. This has taken a good hour this evening - first attempt - and has worked really well. Of course Jack just runs off with any food I give which is fine as it gets him out the way.

First I tried to hold food out to Milly for her to take. She looked interested and then just watched Jack come up and nab it! So, after sending Jack to the other side of the room with a large piece of carrot to keep him occupied, I tried again. :roll:

She took some apple and was happy to nibble the piece I was holding out. Pellets didn't work though. Instead I put them in the bowl and held that out. Turns out she's not that stupid and she grabbed the bowl with her teeth and yanked it back towards her!! :shock: :roll:

I slid it back to me and so she had to take a step towards me and then ate the rest of her dinner from the bowl as I held it out to her. She sat and munched bits quite happily and even gave my hand a little bunny chin rub when she was finished to say "no more thanks I'm full!" before sitting a foot back and staring at me for a few minutes before legging it back under the table! :lol:

So this is very small progress but it is progress and I am so proud of how brave she is being.

05-05-2006, 08:06 PM
Sounds like progress, good luck with that! There's some good advice on how to bond with your bunny here: http://www.rabbitresidence.org.uk/bonding.html