View Full Version : Running a bunny sanctuary?

04-05-2006, 10:20 AM
I wasn't entirely sure where to put this question so I'm sorry if it has to be moved somewhere more appropriate.

I just wanted to ask the people out there who are taking in bunnies and trying to rehome them a few questions. For example, how easy was it to get set up originally? Did it cost a lot of money? How did you cut back on some of the costs? Do you ask for donations from people who take the rehomed bunnies or charge an adoption fee?

Any of info and tips that you guys could give me would be great too :) I'm really interested in some of the shelters there are but it seems that there aren't very many around here (south texas) and was thinking of all the easter bunnies that are probably just abandoned :(

04-05-2006, 01:54 PM
we ask for a donation if we take a bun from someone for rehoming . dont always get one . if we dont get one we still take the bun . also strays , we obviously dont get donations with these .
we also ask for an adoption fee for any rehomed bun . the new owner gets an adoption form with details of the bun and the conditions of adoption on it .

All our buns are spayed / neutered . the donations/ adoption fees dont always cover this . then there is other vet treatment needed .
we also do fundraising and the charity as a whole (includes cats, dogs, wildlife ) has 3 charity shops to raise money .