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19-02-2006, 02:50 PM
Harvey has had a 'wet' nose for about a week now, its not running constantly! But its always wet, i wondered if this could be the beginning of something and i should get him checked by a vet? Sometimes his eyes have a bit of sleep around them aswell, is this normal? I heard a rabbits nose should always be dry so now im starting to worry!
I would have gone to the vets sooner but our normal vet is of for 6months as she had a baby, and i dont really know any of the other vets!
He has had snuffles before where his nose was running with white stuff and he sneezed a few times.
Lately when i try filling his tray with hay after changing it, he's all over the place jumping in it and pushing it about, and he has sneezed a couple of times then but i think it may have been the dust from the hay!?
He is his normal self running about binkying all the time like ussual, still eating and drinking like normal aswell, he hasnt changed in anyway just that he has a wet nose!
Im wondering wether now i should get him checked by the vet or whether im worrying about nothing?
I would really feel much happier knowing your views from past experiance etc!
So thanks in advance!

Happy Hopping
19-02-2006, 04:45 PM
What kind of heating system do your house have? Are you using central heating w/ the vent blowing hot air out? If so, have you clean it every 3 years? The dust thru out the year can cause sneezing on a normal human or any animals.

If all else being equal, you see white stuff in his rose, go see a vet. That's not suppose to happen. But finding out the cause of it, is more important.

Any wood shave bedding that are too fine w/ wood saw dust near him?

19-02-2006, 05:08 PM
Whereabouts in Essex are you, Vicki, there are a few of us Essex types on here, someone may be able to recommend a good vet local-ish to you?

19-02-2006, 05:46 PM
He's kept outside so i dont think it is to do with the central heating! He doesnt have any white stuff now, but he did last year when he had snuffles, now his nose is just 'wet'! He only has hay as bedding etc no woodshavings/sawdust.
Im in Hornchurch, i do have a really good vet but she is away as shes had a baby, but she told me if i was really worried to get the vets to ring her and she would come in for me! I totally trust her, and im waiting for her to some back for when i can get him neutered!
As i said before, he is his usual self, binkiying running around etc eating drinking pooing like normal aswell! But im just worried about his nose being wet!

taylor v 109
19-02-2006, 05:56 PM
Having a wet nose is just a sign that he still has snuffles. It cannot be cured. As long as he is looking happy dont worry to much, if he gets bad again with a very snoty nose then back to the vets. Not sure about the mucky eyes ive not seen that with my rabbits that have it. Bath them daily but he may need drops for it that you can get from the vet. val :)